7’th Pagarpanch Related Important News Report Declared.

7’th Pagarpanch Related Important News Report Declared.7’th Pagarpanch Related Important News Report Declared.
The recommendation of the 7CPC affecting the armed forces are a cause of profound unease and resentment in the Armed Forces, especially, 7CPC recommendation on separate ‘Pay Matrices’, and allowance system for the armed forces and defence civilians, and police, and other civil servants. While 7CPC provides for mandated timescale promotions to from Defence civilians from audit and account services, police, and other officers at regular intervals of 4, 9, 13, 14, and 16 years of service; it does not do so armed forces officers. The orders implemented by the government on the basis of 7 CPC recommendation, despite armed forces advise and concerns, make time scale police officers and defence civilians, with lesser service and experience, senior to armed forces officers, and potentially in command of armed forces officers of equal or more seniority. For instance, Wing Commanders of the Air Force, commander of the navy, and Lt colonel of the army, with 13 years of service, according to MOD implementation tables, will be subordinate in ‘level’, rank, pay scale, and organizational hierarchy than police officers, auditors, accountants, with equal or even lesser service.[2]MOD implementation order has created an invidious situation for armed forces officers when serving alongside defence civilians and police officer. According to the MOD orders a police officer and Defence Accounts officer with 14 years service will be at higher level than the naval officer in command of INS Vikramaditya, India’s Aircraft carrier, a highly selective rank and appointment, with some 20 years of service.Read A Important News Report:-Click Here.

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