Corona-free patient at least 8 days after shake hands And Touch

More than two million people have been infected with the Corona virus worldwide so far. One million 26 thousand people have died of the virus. However, to the relief that 478,557 people have recovered. The question now is, can a coronary survivor help to improve the condition?

Corona-free patient at least 8 days after shake hands And Touch

Corona virus can be saved only by staying at home and through social distancing. In addition, coronary survivors can help other people. However there are many conditions for this. Ab Lotenbash, a doctor at the University of Pennsylvania, states that a recovering patient has good immunity. This does not mean that they do not spread the virus by sneezing or coughing. This can also be possible by touching or touching an infected space.

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Even after winning the battle against Corona, some precautions are needed

  • Demonstrate concern about cleaning

According to Doctor Lawtenbash, you should be careful about cleaning after getting rid of the disease. Any touching, shaking hands, such as sneezing should be avoided.

  • Make sure you are fully healed

Wait at least 14 days after the feature finally appears. According to a study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, coronaviruses can remain for up to 8 days in those who have recovered from the Covid-19 infection. In addition, the CDC also advised to stay in self isolation for seven days after recovery.

  • Donate blood

According to Doctor Pompey Young, chief medical officer of the American Red Cross, the ever-increasing number of patients will be pressured into the blood bank. People should think for the next two to three weeks, but not enough today. In these circumstances you can help by donating blood.

  • Be helpful to others

If you are completely healed of Corona, help others. Inform others. Don’t miss out on clean cleaning and keeping a safe distance this time though.

  • Donate Convalescent Plasma

Plasma contains antibodies in the blood of a patient who successfully succumbs to the disease, which helps fight the virus. After this is done you can help by donating convulsant plasma. Doctors deliver these antibodies from your blood to the patient through transfusion. However, it is not yet clear whether this procedure can cure a Covid-19 patient.

  • What is the Convalescent Plasma Process?

Doctors have used the Convalescent Plasma process for centuries. At present, doctors use this procedure to treat polio, measles, SARS and other ailments. A spokeswoman for New York-based Mount Sinai Health System said about 30 patients have been cured so far. And next week the figure is likely to be around 100.

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