Coronavirus Gujarat Lockdown Press Not Till 8th April 2020

  • As of March 31, Article 144 of the State is applicable
  • People will be able to get out for life-necessities only
  • Only 2 people can sit in the towwheeler and forewheeler
  • Medical store, petrol pump, newspaper will continue …
  • If someone violates the notification, the offense will be registered as per section 188

Coronavirus Gujarat Lockdown Press Not Till 8th April 2020

Gujarat Lockdown Press Not  has been announced across the state from midnight today. Then the lockdown has been announced till April next. Article 144 has been imposed all over Gujarat. People will only be able to go out to buy necessities for life. If anyone goes out of the house without a reason, the police will stop him and take legal action against him. Apart from this, a private vehicle cannot be taken out without the need and emergency. If a person violates the notification, a crime will be registered against him according to section 188. Currently, 62 offenses have been registered for breach of this notification.

Coronavirus Gujarat Lockdown Press Not
Coronavirus Gujarat Lockdown Press Not

Essential service will continue

The lockdown has been announced since midnight today. All shops, offices, workshops will be closed. Apart from this, it has been announced that municipal corporation, municipal corporation, medical, vegetable and hygiene services will continue. Police will not stop a person from going for life-necessities. To control the people, the government has allotted 6 SRP companies and will be releasing 4 RAF companies in the coming days. Taxis, cabs, rickshaws, luxury buses and public transport services will be closed throughout the state. Private vehicles can be transported. It can seat only two towels and two in the four wheelers.

What will continue?

  1. Government dispensary, Municipal corporation, Panchayat service
  2. Milk-Vegetable, Fruit-Groceries, Grocery Stores
  3. Pest control, foodstuffs, foodstuffs, transportation, water supply
  4. Laboratory, medical equipment manufacturing company, pharmacy and hygiene services
  5. Animal diet, veterinary medicine and treatment center
  6. Electricity generation, distribution and maintenance service, drainage
  7. Petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG pump and its related transportation service
  8. Insurance company, bank, ATM, ATM service, post and courier, private security service
  9. Transportation and storage of all essential goods
  10. Godown of urgent service, including urgent service

→It will be closed: All shops, offices, workshops, taxis, cabs, rickshaws, luxury buses, public transport services, tea kits, panels, shopping malls, cinema halls, etc …

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