[Latest News] Covid-19 Unlock 5.0 Guidelines Declared.

  • The state government will be able to decide on starting school-college, coaching classes
  • The student cannot be forced to come to school after school starts
  • Strict enforcement of lockdown in containment zone issued till 31st October

The Covid-19 Unlock 5.0 Guidelines announced by the government due to coronavirus disease will include lockdown within the container area and some concessions in the non-container area. you can get official information Our Freshgujarat Web Portal.Covid-19 Unlock 5.0 Guidelines

[Latest News] Covid-19 Unlock 5.0 Guidelines Declared.

Post Name Unlock 5.0 Guidelines
lockdown Containment zone 
Open theater 31 December
School College   [ More News Read Official Notification]
Post Date 01/12/2020
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The other big thing is that from October 15, 100 people will be able to gather on any occasion. The third thing is that the school-college will be closed, but the children of 9th to 12th standard will be able to go to school of their own free will for the guidance of the teachers.

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This will be implemented after October 15

  • Cinema-multiplex-theaters can be started with 50% seating capacity
  • Business Exhibition (B2B) will be allowed subject to the conditions of the Ministry of Commerce.
  • The swimming pool will be opened only for the training of sportspersons.
  • Amusement parks and similar places will be allowed to open.
  • The state government is free to decide on starting school-college-coaching classes.
  • Still recommended giving the first choice to online / distance learning only.
  • Students who want to take online education should not be forced to attend school even after the schools open.
  • Only after the written approval of the parents will the student be able to go to school/coaching classes.
  • No compulsion can be made for attendance, it will depend entirely on the consent of the guardian.
  • Schools will have to strictly follow the SOP of the education department even after opening.
  • The decision to reopen colleges/institutions of higher learning will also be taken in this manner.
  • Approval of Lab / Experiment after 15th in higher education institutions like PhD-Postgraduate.
  • The State / UT may decide on the attendance of more than 100 persons in social/educational / entertainment / cultural/religious/political gatherings and meetings outside the containment zone.
  • A maximum of 50% of the seating capacity and a maximum of 200 people will be allowed in the closed hall. The use of mask-social distance-thermal screening-hand sanitizer will be mandatory.
  • International travel prohibited on a commercial basis.
  • Amusement parks and places like that will be closed.
  • Strict enforcement of lockdown in containment zone issued till 31st October.
  • State governments cannot implement any lockdown outside the containment zone.
  • No restrictions on interstate and inland transport.

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