Diwali crackers Apps ,News , Rules 2020

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Diwali crackers Apps, News, Rules 2020

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newskkigif 17 Diwali Crackers News 2020

Fireworks can be fired from 8 to 10 at Diwali festivals: banning loom
– Chinese rhythm cannot be blown
– Police banned import and sale after selling fireworks of foreign fireworks

According to the Supreme Court directive, fireworks could be set on fire from the accident, as well as fireworks for the safety of the public from 3pm to 3pm. Surprisingly, the police have banned the import and sale of Chinese fireworks after the sale of foreign fireworks fumes.


Ahmedabad Police Commissioner AK Singh has released a public ban banning the import and sale of foreign fireworks. During the Diwali festivals, Ta. It has been mentioned that fireworks can be fired within 2 hours ie on 2 November, ie only two hours, and in the series thick crackers (fireworks loom) cannot be fired. Not only that, due to such a large amount of air, noise and solid waste problem, it cannot be kept due to pollution, can not be boiled or sold and can not be manufactured, sold and flown in any kind of Chinese tukkal.

Hospitals, nursing homes, health centers, educational institutes are considered as Silent Zones within a radius of 5 meter area of ​​religious places. Also, firecrackers cannot be fired near the godown of burned objects near petrol pump gas warehouses.


How to avoid firecracker pollution on Diwali?

→A glimpse of life burning between lifeless things

  • Dr. Prashant says that in the open area everyone should throw firecrackers together so that the pollution has an effect on the body.
  • Dr. Prashant Jadav says that the cases of going to Daji come more.

→What are the things to keep in mind?

  • Dr. Prashant Jadhav said that in the Diwali days, masks should be worn out and parents should stay with the children.
  • About Chinese fireworks, Dr. Prashant said that Chinese fireworks must not be broken. Because its explosion capacity is high.
  • Human hearing capacity is 60 decibels. The firecrackers with greater explosion potential damage the ears. Ear protection is very important.
  • With the donation of this Patel, there will be a medical college in the country
    Dr. Talking about fireworks, Ami Chandarana said that I like to throw fireworks.
  • They also advise throwing firecrackers with caution.
  • Dr. “For awareness as a doctor, I would not say that firecrackers should not be blown, but there should be noise pollution, air pollution crackers,” Chandarana said.
  • These doctors were asked the question of how to get first aid if something unexpected happens.
  • Dr. Prashant says he should contact the doctor immediately if an unexpected event occurs. Keep the first aid box with you.
  • Is it beneficial to have a wet handkerchief on the mouth while throwing fireworks? In response to such a user’s question, Dr. Prashant says medical masks can be worn while throwing fireworks.
  • Deewal Jadav, who favors throwing fireworks, says Diwali is a festival of excitement for young children.
  • The government should not impose any restrictions. The idea of ​​throwing firecrackers in one place was very good by Deval Jadav.
  • Can fireworks be viewed without connecting the environment and religion? Asking this, Dev said, of course.
  • God asked, “How can the environment be harmed in a single day?” If there is any evidence we will not fire crackers.

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