[Live] Educational Videos free download On Youtube :31/08/2020

Gujarat’s primary school  standard 3 to 12 Educational Videos free download On Youtube is uploaded by the government on a website called Sas Gujarat. Today in this post we will get information about today’s Every standard video i.e. so that you can click on the video in front of that standard i.e. youtube, you can open the video and watch it.

Educational Videos free download


[Live] Educational Videos free download On Youtube :31/08/2020

Topic Name Educational Videos
STD 3 To 12
Official Website ssagujarat.org
Learn Via Mobile and Leptop , Application
Date 31/08/2020

Every Standard in the video that is placed inside the PDF file by the government In front of the standard you will be given a video-like symbol, click on it and a youtube link will open in which you can watch the video as per your syllabus. If you do, you will forget our standard book and give any lesson to the readers so that you can read it immediately.

kala utsav paripatra Important Link

Download Pdf Click Here

Gujarat Education Department Decided Attending online STD 3 To 12  classes everyday has become the ‘new normal’ for students during the lockdown in India. As schools were shut because of the lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus, online class have taken centre stage in students’ life now.

What is Educational Videos free download in schools?

Educational Videos  is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online.

No STD Subjct Watch
3 Gujarati Videos
4 Gujarati Videos
5 Gujarati Videos
6 Science / SS Videos
7 Science / English Videos
8 Science / Chitra Videos
9 Science Videos
10 [Not In Time Table] Videos
11 [Not In Time Table] Videos
12 Account Videos

The Home Learning through video youtube link in post lie within the standard 3 to 12. The channel called E-Class. The main purpose of putting up this video is to reach out to children.

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