[Best App] Free School Message Sending Software 2020.

Free School Message Sending Software helps track all your school activities as well as allows you to communicate, school assignment , time table, lecture , class timing , exam results.

Free School Message Sending Software 2020

school management software is a complete cloud based school management app and schoolerp system that automates the routine tasks for a teacher and enables communication between teacher and Students / parents. It provides management of operations for Schools enables college administration and management as well as Coaching center management and Coaching institute administration.

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Free School Message Sending Software
School Message Sending Software

School SMS Softwere 2020

A Mobile/Web Application to send Important alerts for Schools integrated with Staff’s Login and Parent’s Login. Facilities like Absenteeism Reports, Birthday Alerts, Home Tasks, Examination Marks, Groups and tons of important messages can be passed easily as just in clicks.

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School SMS is a free mobile / web app that helps Parents and Staffs stay connected to their school community. Schools choose the School SMS app as their messaging option for safe, one-way communication on mobile devices.

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