[Latest Apps] Ghar Ej Pathshala Anroid App Downlod 2020

Ghar Ej Pathshala ‘ helps you to practice and manage your day to day learning. This app is developed as per Mihir Solanki ,Schools Curriculum, however

[Latest Apps] Ghar Ej Pathshala Anroid App Downlod 2020

They outfit understudies with heaps of information, abilities and inspirational mentalities so understudies can never feel lost and proceed. They help understudies to get secure with their objectives of training through clear vision and thoughts. Without educators in the existence one can’t develop intellectually, socially and mentally.

Ghar Ej Pathshala Anroid App


  • Instant ❇ not need to store sahitane phones are coming every Saturday like all literature in this app Which can be obtained are
  • a program has been the application of the system of self-assessment quiz for children under the terms of dhoranavara literature.
  •  In quiz, the child will be able to know his score and correct questions and correct answers to the wrong questions.
  • The game for children maths has been placed in this application.
  • A separate download folder has been arranged for those who want to download this literature

Downlod Ghar Ej Pathshala Anroid App

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