Google Chrome Browser Important Information

  • The Google Chrome extension has over 80 million users globally
  • Hackers can steal data using extensions by bypassing content security policies
  • Hackers can also cheat your money using some web cookies in fake extensions

Google Chrome Browser Important Information

You need to be careful if you are using internet browser Google Chrome in your device. Hackers are hacking users’ data through a virus extension behind the Google Chrome browser. Hackers can gain access to your phone after downloading this extension. Hackers can steal data by sending heaps of spam messages into your phone. Hackers can also use it to steal money from your bank account. The Google Chrome extension has over 80 million users globally.

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Hackers can easily steal data by bypassing the content security policy if the Google Chrome-based extension browser, which affects billions of users, is vulnerable. According to Gull Weizmann, a researcher at cybersecurity firm PerimetX, a bug called CVE-2020-6519 can be found in Windows, Mac, Chrome and Opera. It is used by billions of users. Chrome version 73, which was released in March 2019, has also been targeted by hackers. Content security policy is a measure of the web.

Download Google Chrome Latest Version

According to the 300 Dangerous Extensions report, the viral extension is available on Chrome’s web store. Hackers can also damage the phone’s battery by using this extension. This extension creates games, themes and wallpapers. However Google has removed such dangerous tools from the web store.

This is how hackers steal data

Ed Guard said in his blog post that hackers give heaps of malware ads. Hackers can also chew your money using some web cookies in fake extensions. Hackers can also change the functionality of users’ phones by hacking Chrome.

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Measures to avoid fraud

  • Learn about browser extensions before downloading them. Download it only if you need more.
  • Always download trusted developer extensions.
  • Ignore what is written in the description of the extension.
  • User reviews are also fake, don’t pay attention to it.
  • Do not use the internal search of the Chrome Web Store.
  • Download the extension from the link on the trusted developer’s website.


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