[Latest] Goverment Job News Watch Press Note 2020

The Chief Minister is opening up new Goverment Job News employment opportunities in government departments for the youth of the state.Chief Ministe Vijay Bhai Rupani Declare Press Not ABout Latest Bharati 1n Verious Departmnt 2020.

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[Latest] Goverment Job News Watch Press Note 2020

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The Gujarat government has made a big announcement regarding recruitment in various government departments of the state. Appointment letter will be issued immediately to the departments in which the examination has been conducted for recruitment. New recruits will be announced soon after the Corona epidemic. At the same time, in the next five months, more than 20,000 youths in the state will get ample opportunity for government jobs. The opposition has also welcomed the government’s decision.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has expeditiously instructed

The Chief Minister to expedite the recruitment process. The meeting has given important orders. The Chief Minister has clearly stated that the recruitment process should be started expeditiously so that the youth of the state get opportunities to join the service of the state government. Your shirts should be feeling less tight around your neck now. This stuff will make it easier now than ever before. Clenbuterol helps you focus on the weight loss and exercise rather than obstacles to achieving your goals. Clenbuterol for weight loss is a powerful formula that provides intense fat burning, breakdown of stubborn fat cells, increased metabolism, increased blood circulation for better workouts and builds muscle. It will help to improve athletic performance as well as overall health and wellness by supporting those who are exercising or those looking for a legal means of controlling their appetite.

The entire process will be completed in the next three to five months.

The Chief Minister has clearly asked the GPSC, Secondary Service Selection Board, Panchayat Service Selection Board, Home Department and General Administration Department to proceed with the recruitment round on an immediate basis. The recruitment process was completed as per the decisions taken at the high-level meeting held in this regard but the entire process for the vacancies where the results were yet to be declared will be completed in the next three to five months.

Order to issue immediate appointment letters

8000 posts by the state government which has been announced earlier by various recruitment agencies, departments and the first phase of preliminary examination has been completed but other phases are pending. He has given instructions. Reading state employment and paving the way for promising youth to get opportunities in government jobs in a timely and comprehensive manner.

He urged the state government to start the recruitment process for 9650 vacancies in various departments.

the state government which have been advertised but have not been examined as soon as the condition of Covid-19 returns to normal. As a result of these youth-oriented decisions of Rupani, more than 20,000 youths of the state will get job opportunities in the government service in the next five months.

One and a half lakh youths get government jobs in four years

Millions of youths in the state have been deprived of government jobs for years due to the ban on recruitment of government jobs during the Congress rule in the past. As a result of transparent and fast and easy recruitment process under Rupani’s visionary leadership, over one and a half lakh youth have got job opportunities in the state government in the last four years. Not only that, the state government has for the first time prepared a 10-year recruitment calendar to ensure timely recruitment.

In previous governments, it used to take a long time to take GPSC exams and announce its results, and now the GPSC is trying to alleviate the deprivation of job opportunities for the youth. But the recruitment calendar completes all the recruitment process including timely and fast competitive examinations in a short span of one year. The Chief Minister has now made the recruitment process more robust and result-oriented as well as timely, giving the youth of the state excellent opportunities for career development.

The Chief Minister has also given clear instructions to various departments, recruitment agencies, GPSC, Secondary Service Selection Board, etc. for the purpose of completing all these recruitment processes in a timely, planned manner. As a result of this pioneering plan for recruitment in state government jobs, high quality skilled techno-savvy youth will be available in the service of the people through state government jobs. In this endeavor, the decision taken by the Chief Minister today will be another milestone in the recruitment process.

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