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The state government has launched i-farmer portal to avail various schemes of the Gujarat Agriculture Subsidy Scheme department. Under this project all the information related to agriculture is provided to the farmers at home. The state has achieved an average agricultural growth rate of over 10% in the last decade.For the first time in the country
Gujarat Agriculture Subsidy Scheme

[Latest] Gujarat Agriculture Subsidy Scheme 2020 

The state has given innovative programs like Krishi Mahotsav and Soil Health Card. An innovative step has been added to this development journey this year. Farmers in the state can get timely information about farm inputs required for farming

Gujarat agriculture subsidy

state-of-the-art agricultural information can be made available at their fingertips, farmers can easily avail various welfare schemes at home and know the market prices of weather and agricultural products in different markets. I-Farmer Portal has been implemented by the department.

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Useful Website For Farmers

  1. Ikhedut
  2. KhedutHelplineGujarat
  3. https://agri.gujarat.gov.in/

Farmer Fertilizer right letter

Farmers will be able to get “Fertilizer Authorization Letter” through I-Khedut Portal to ensure timely availability of fertilizer as per the scientific recommendation based on seasonal crop selection. To take advantage of which the following steps must be taken.

I- The farmer account holder registered in the farmer portal has to register the seasonal crop, select the fertilizer and select the dealer from the list available for obtaining the fertilizer. According to the crop plan, based on the scientific recommendations, the fertilizer requirement and the “fertilizer authorization” with the name of the dealer can be obtained by going to the selected dealer.

The Fertilizer Dealer will have to provide the quantity of fertilizer indicated in the Fertilizer Charter to the farmers having “Fertilizer Charter” on priority basis.

Various welfare scheme benefits:

Various individual / resource oriented schemes are implemented by the Heads of Departments, Societies, Boards, Corporations, Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, Gujarat State. All the schemes will be implemented through I-Farmers Portal for the purpose of making the benefits of the schemes implemented for the farmers easily available to the farmers and maintaining transparency in this regard.

Farmers registered in the Farmer Registration Module have to select the farm material / machinery / other components required in the I-Farmer Portal.

→I- The farmer who has applied online for the matter in the farmer’s portal will have to take a printout of the application and sign / thumb print the application form and submit it to the concerned account office.
→Farmers will be able to view the status online after applying.

Information on agricultural credit:

The I-Farmer Portal provides details including names and addresses of various institutions associated with agricultural credit such as banks and co-operative societies.

Agriculture and allied technical information:

Various details including agro-climatic zoning cropping system in the state, modern farming system of major crops, pest control in crops and its control are available in I-Farmer Portal.
Advanced information on major animal diseases, measures for disease control, including fisheries, agriculture and allied education, etc. can be accessed with a single click in the I-Farmer portal.

The weather

If the weather information is available to the farmers in a timely manner, the farmers can make timely arrangements for irrigation, pest control, etc. for the crop.
In the I-Farmer portal, farmers can easily get the details of the weather in their area and what it will be like in the near future.

Resolving perplexing questions in agriculture:

Which variety of crop gives the highest yield ?, When is the right time for sowing ?, How much to irrigate ?, What to do if pest infestation has increased ?, What to do if milking cattle give less milk? The solution to many such perplexing questions is available in the I-Farmer portal.

Assistance is provided to provide various modern facilities to the general area and tribal area market committees, market committees without “A” and “B” will get 2% of the total project cost and market committees without “A” and “D” will get 20% of the total project cost. Assistance is given within the limit of Rs. 5 crore.

New plan to build modern facilities

The market committees are provided with 100% water supply to provide various modern as well as other necessary facilities like sale-cum exhibition center, shed / platform for farmers, information kiosk in vegetable market, demonstration farm for deep irrigation, etc. And for solar light system a. And 2% of the cost to the market committees of B category and 50% of the cost to the market committees of category B and D in the limit of Rs. 50 lakhs.

Varah-2 Assistance to Gujarat State Agricultural Market Board

In order to enable Gujarat State Agricultural Market Board to carry out various activities, the State Government contributes in the form of subsidy at the rate of 5% of the total accumulated funds deposited by the Agricultural Produce Market Committees as per the statutory provision in the Board’s purchase / sale fund.

The matter of creating a terminal market

The Government of India’s plan to start a terminal market so that the farmers of the state can get instant information on the prices of fruits and vegetables produced in India is subsidized from 5% to 20% to Rs. A scheme has been started to give in the limit of Rs. 50 / – crore..

National Agricultural Insurance Scheme

Important instructions for filling up the application form of National Agricultural Insurance Scheme

1) You can use the premium calculator to calculate the insurance premium first.

2) The details of the applicant are divided into three parts.

A) Part-1 Preliminary information of the applicant.

B) Part-II Information of the applicant’s land account and account holder.

C) Part-II Information about crop land area and its insurance

2) It is mandatory for the applicant to give a mobile number and he will get the information of this scheme through SMS.

2) After filling in the details of Parts 1, 2 and 3, the applicant will have to take a print of the proposal letter and submit it to the bank and get its receipt from there.

3) No amendment can be made by the applicant in the application form (proposal letter) which the bank will accept and give receipt.

2) No other bank will be able to accept another form for the survey number which the bank has accepted and given its online receipt.

2) Different applications of partial area can be made till the area of ​​one survey number is not used in full.

2) The applicant has to submit the print of the proposal letter to the bank and after receiving the receipt from it, if there is any improvement in the crop or other details of the crop, he has to fill the declaration form and take the print and submit it to the bank.

It has facilitated modern infrastructural development from water, land, seeds, fertilizers, sowing to harvesting and then to market and export of agricultural products, he said.

Mentioning how Gujarat has achieved 11 per cent agricultural growth at a time when the country’s agricultural growth rate is declining by three per cent today, the Chief Minister said that the agriculture sector has not left the farmer to his own devices. Considering this as an important aspect, this government has made available to the farmer a network of agricultural infrastructure facilities for modern farming.

The state has made arrangements for land improvement, water conservation, watershed program, salinity prevention, robust market system, agricultural godown-cold storage chain under climate zone, he said.

Higher productivity per acre and value added farming is an important aspect of Gujarat’s agricultural development. Agricultural scientists have done many kinds of research and shown the way to produce more at low cost. Due to the fact that 150 to 125 sub-stations are set up every year for power supply, there is enough electricity. It wasn’t just the crop that was burning.

The development of many infrastructural facilities has been conducive to reducing the burden of farming costs on the farmers but at the same time it has created the facility of post-harvest agro infrastructure which has been increasing the income of the farmers.

He revived all the abandoned crops of the past and built water temples. He has taken the direction of Dhatatop Vanraji by erecting Panchavati next to it, he said. The Chief Minister also outlined that the Gujarat government has created Kisanpath considering the need for a good road for the transport of farm produce from farm to market system.

While the farmer of Gujarat is exporting crops, fruits and vegetables to the world markets, a new structure for storage of goods will be set up on a very large scale all over Gujarat. The small-marginal farmer has started a greenhouse-nethouse scheme to cultivate sustainable horticulture-vegetables even on very short land and to measure prosperity. Such nethouses have been built for Rs. “If the rupee runs in the villages, the economy towards the city will continue to thrive,” he said.

The Krishi Mahotsav has brought about a great change as the farmer can get more production and productivity in less cultivable land.

“This year too, nature will provide adequate rainfall in the monsoon, wherever and whenever it is needed, and we farmers will not waste rainwater,” he said. He expressed confidence that the farmer would not have any raw material for less crop production and less milk production for less cattle.

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