Gujarat Budget 2019-20: Gujarat Budget 2019 PDF Download.

Gujarat Budget 2019-20: Gujarat Budget 2019 PDF Download.

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  • Nitin Patel presents Gujarat Budget 2019-20  for 7th year
  • After the establishment of Gujarat, budget size for the first time increased by Rs 2 lakh
  • The state government has not taken overdraft once in the last 16 years
  • Provision of Rs. 24981 crore for tribal development
  • By 2022, all people get water at home

Finance Minister Nitin Patel has presented a full-size budget for the financial year 2019-20. After the establishment of Gujarat, the budget for the first time has been released. The finance minister thanked PM Modi for the annual assistance of Rs 6000 to the farmers, while presenting the Gujarat Budget 2019-20 of Rs 2,04,815 crore. After that, he started advertising emphasis on agriculture, health, employment and water. Meanwhile, the stamp duty increase by two and a half times for the articles of affidavit and notary writing. 20 has made 50.

Gujarat Budget 2019-20 PDF To Read

BudgetVote on Account for Estimate of the Government of Gujarat 2019-2020Download PDF File

–Supplementary Statement of ExpenditureDownload PDF File

–01 – Annual Financial Statement (Budget)Download PDF File

–02 – Receipt under Consolidated Fund & Transaction under Contingency Fund & Public Accounts,etcDownload PDF File

–03 – Agriculture & Co-operationDownload PDF File

–04 – EducationDownload PDF File

–05 – Energy & Petro-ChemicalsDownload PDF File

–06 – FinanceDownload PDF File

–07 – Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer AffairsDownload PDF File

–08 – Forests & EnvironmentDownload PDF File

–09 – General AdministrationDownload PDF File

–10 – Gujarat Legislature SecretariatDownload PDF File

–11 – Health & Family WelfareDownload PDF File

–12 – HomeDownload PDF File

–13 – Industries & MinesDownload PDF File

–14 – Information & BroadcastingDownload PDF File

–15 – Labour & EmploymentDownload PDF File

–16 – LegalDownload PDF File

–17 – Legislative & Parliamentary AffairsDownload PDF File

–18-1 – Narmada, Water Resources, Water Supply & Kalpsar – Part-IDownload PDF File

–18-2 – Narmada, Water Resources, Water Supply & Kalpsar -Part-II.pdfDownload PDF File

–19 – Panchayat, Rural Housing & Rural DevelopmentDownload PDF File

-20 – Ports & TransportDownload PDF File

–21 – RevenueDownload PDF File

–22-1 – Roads & Buildings – Part-IDownload PDF File

–22-2 – Roads & Buildings – Part-II

–23 – Science & TechnologyDownload PDF File

–24-1 – Social Justice & Empowerment – Part-I–Download PDF File

24-2 – Social Justice & Empowerment – Part-IIDownload PDF File

–24-3 – Tribal Development – (Part-1) Volume-IIIDownload PDF File

–24-4 – Tribal Development – (Part-4) Volume-IVDownload PDF File

–25 – Sports, Youth & Cultural ActivitiesDownload PDF File

–26 – Urban Development & Urban HousingDownload PDF File

–27 – Women & Child DevelopmentDownload PDF File

–28 – Climate ChangeDownload PDF File

10,800 crore has been allocated for health and family welfare, health and family welfare. A sum of Rs 818 crore has been paid to 4.90 lakh citizens of the Ayushmann Bharat Jan Swasthya Yojana. For this scheme, Rs. 450 crore has been provided for this year. 110 crore for strengthening urban health system, 1000 crores for government and grant-in-aid hospitals for Maa and Maa Baatasalya Yojana, 500 crores for free medicines in government hospitals, 313 crores for Seasonal disease control, 85 crores for Bal Sakhya State-wide scheme , For the construction of Ph.C., CHC, has allocated Rs. 129 crore.

Gujarat Budget 2019-20 :80 crores for new 750 MBBS seats, 18 crores for 108 new 108 ambulances

MBBS 4800 for medical education, 1240 Dental, 1944 seats for PG Diploma Super Specialty is available. Rajkot has allotted 200 acres of land for AIIMS. 10 crores for infrastructure, 80 crores for new 750 MBBS seats, 160 crores for Surat, Bhavnagar super specialty hospital, 116 crores for OPD building and nursing building in hospitals, 108 new 108 ambulances for 18 crores, 310 government Rs. 48 crore for conversion of Ayurvedic medicine to health wellness center and Rs. 25 crore for Jamnagar Maternity Child block.

Rs 30,045 crore for the development of education, Rs 454 crore for 5000 new classrooms

The state government has allocated Rs 30,045 crore for holistic development of education. For the new 5000 classrooms, 454 crore milk Sanjivani and 1015 crore for Food Triveni scheme, 341 crore for children’s fees, uniforms, shoes, school bags, 103 crore for virtual class room, 370 crore for the Higher Self Employment Scheme for Chief Minister Youth and Technical Education, Government College, 206 crores for University Bhavan and 252 crores for giving tablets to college students.

Gujarat Budget 2019-20
Gujarat Budget 2019-20

Water Aerodrome at a cost of Rs 5 crore to launch C-Plane

Currently, 12 airports and 5 airstrip are operational in the state. Sardar Sarovar, Shetrunjay Dam, Sabarmati Riverfront, to start the landing of airliner to generate water aerodrome at a cost of Rs.5 crores. While the Statue of Unity has a provision of Rs.1 crores for Ariel View. Water aerodrome will be built at a cost of Rs 5 crore to launch a sea-plane in the state.

‘Whale Daughter Scheme’, 4000 support when daughter comes first in the class

In the ‘Daughter Daughter Scheme’, the assistance of 4000 will be given when the girl comes first to help families having income of 2 lakh. When it comes to 9th standard, assistance of 6000 will be given. As well as completing 18 years, 1 lakh will be given assistance. A total of 133 crores have been provided in this scheme. 751 crores for supplementary nutrition in Aanganwadi and Rs 376 crores for widow pension and 87 crores for completion plan.

Various provisions for water resources

The state government has sanctioned Rs. 25,000 for construction of water resources like closed maintenance, canal structure improvement, participatory irrigation scheme. 7157 crore has been allocated. In the third phase of the project, the work of 2,258 crores is currently in progress. For which Rs.1880 crores have been provided. Similarly, Rs 100 Crore has been allocated for Sipu dam pipeline from Tharad, which will benefit 6000 villages. 962 crore for irrigation in tribal areas, 720 crore for Tapi-Karjhan leak pipeline, 372 crore for the recharge project on Ambika river. Similarly, Rs 245 crore for 23 thousand farmers of Surat district, Rs 220 crore for Karjhan reservoir and Rs 380 crore for Kadana reservoir.

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries

2,771 new spaces will be filled for the implementation of the farmer’s scheme. Under this, 1121 vacancies will be filled this year. Provision of Rs. 952 crores for farmers’ farmers to provide farmer interest subsidy to farmers for crop loan at zero percent. Under the Prime Minister Fiscal Insurance Scheme, 18 lakh farmers will be covered. For this, allocation of Rs 1073 crore has been made. 299 crore for National Agriculture Development Scheme, Rs. 235 crore for farm mechanization, 34 crore for food processing will be allocated. 25 crore for chemical fertilizer, 25 crores for satellite image drawdown, 8 crores for center of excellence for horticulture development, provision of 134 crores for setting up 4000 dairy farms, 47 crores for 460 veterinary veterinary hospitals, provision of 28 crores for Chief Minister’s free animal treatment scheme. Is there.

36 crore for dairy development and animal husbandry assistance, 38 crores for the development of the Gaushal service, 33 crores for the Kisan Kalp tree scheme, 11 crores for the construction of the godown. Apart from this, for the development of fisheries, Rs 210 crore for the development of Mangrol, Navbunder, Veraval, Madhwad, Porbandar, Sotrapada Fisheries Port, Rs 150 crore for VAT subsidy for fishery boat diesel consumption and Rs 18 crore for Kerosene assistance.

Water Supply:

A total of 4300 crore has been allocated for various water supply schemes. 199 crores for the project under the Rejuvenation of Tried West Water Policy, the works of 3000 crores in tribal areas are in progress. While 43 villages of Saurashtra, Kutch and North Central Gujarat Budget 2019-20 have made a provision of Rs 340 crore for strengthening the water supply scheme, Rs 500 crore for the improvement of the water supply grid.

Social Justice Empowerment

Provision of Rs 4,212 crore for social justice authority. 601 crore for the assistance of standard 1 to 10 students, Ambedkar housing scheme, 186 crore for Pandit Deendayal Awas Yojana scheme, 74 crore for cycling girls in standard 9, 35 crore for Kunwarbine maternity plan and 9 crore for Samras Kumar hostel.
New 60 thousand employees will be recruited in 3 years, 70 thousand Sakhi Mandals will be created

Over 60,000 new employees will be hired in the next 3 years. 700 crore loan to be created for new 70 thousand Sakhi Mandals 15 lakh youth will be benefited from various employment schemes including Chief Minister Apprenticeship scheme. In the next three years, 50 lakh beneficiaries will get benefit under the Mundra scheme.

A new Solar Rooftop scheme

, a provision of Rs.1000 crore for a 40% subsidy to a family of 3 kilowatt plant, 20% subsidy for 3 to 10% has been made. 2 lakh families benefit from this.

Apart from this, cleaning the polluted water of the industry, the water will cost Rs.2275 crores for the pipeline on a PPP basis for disposal of deep seaplane. For this, provision of 500 crores has been made this year.

1.25 lakh farmers will get electricity connection in two days, loans of youth to 31,877 crores will be given

31,877 crore loan will be given to the employment of 15 lakh youth through various schemes of the state government. Of the farmers who have applied for agricultural power connection, 1,25,000 farmers will be given electrical connection on 24th seed (July 4).

By the year 2022, all the water will be supplied with clean drinking water

For water conservation campaign water conservation campaign, water grid scheme ‘Nal Se Jal’ will be supplied to all the areas by drinking water to clean drinking water by 2020, for which Rs. 20 thousand crores will be spent. For this, the allocation of 4500 crore has been given. 7111 crore has been allocated for agriculture, farmer welfare and co-operation.

Establishment of eight desalination plants in coastal areas, 300 MLD projects will be set up to treat waste water and reuse. Additionally, micro-irrigation coverage will increase. In which 18 lakh hectare area will be covered. 11.34 lakh farmers will benefit from this.

The Center paid Rs 1,131 crore to the first two installments of 28 lakh farmers in the state

Government of India paid Rs 1,131 crore to the first two installments of 28 lakh farmers in the state, the Indian government has removed the limit of two hectare so that all the farmers of the state will get benefit of this scheme.

6595 crore for Narmada project

Under the Narmada scheme, the main dam’s ancillary works, power saving equipment, canal automation, land acquisition and small power plants have been allocated to the tune of Rs. 6595 crores. As well as the ‘Statue of Unity’ allocated 260 crore for integrated development.

A provision of Rs. 24981 crores for the development of tribal

has been provided for information and transmission of 174 crores. As well as the provision of Rs. 1653 crore for the law department, provision of Rs. 30045 crores for education and provision of Rs. 24981 crores for tribal development. Apart from this, the announcement of the launch of new 434 courts in the state has also been announced.

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