Gujarat Corona vaccine Official Press Note || Probable List for Vaccination

State Government Gujarat Corona vaccine Official Press Note .  Every citizen will get corona vaccine , distribution structure is ready. Who will be vaccinated at government expense? Who will be vaccinated first? List of government employees who will be vaccinated, Official Press Note and other information of the State Government.
Gujarat Corona vaccine Official Press Note

Gujarat Corona vaccine Probable List for Vaccination

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The biggest news has come about the Anne vaccine. The world’s first corona vaccine has been approved. The British government has approved Pfizer as a corona vaccine. The vaccine is expected to be launched next week.


The Government of India has started planning for strong Gujarat Vaccination. First , The information of Hathaway Care Workers is being prepared in stages. To date, the state government has paid Rs 2.91 lakh. Information of health workers and 1.5 lakh private health workers together with a total of 2.5 lakh hands-on workers.

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The Pfizer’s vaccine is 95% effective

joint corona vaccine of US pharma company Pfizer and German company Bioentech has proved to be 95% effective in Phase-3 trials. According to the company, the vaccine has been effective on the elderly. No serious side effects were observed. Pfizer plans to prepare 50 million doses of the vaccine by December.

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Government of India ready to talk to Pfizer

The Government of India is ready to talk to Pfizer for the corona vaccine to be available in India. The government is also actively seeking information on what level of preparations need to be made. The biggest question right now is to build super cold storage infrastructure. Even in the big and metro cities of India, such facilities are not enough.

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More than 59,000 people have died from

corona in Britain Britain is the seventh country in the world with the highest number of corona infections. More than 16 lakh 43 thousand 86 cases have been reported in Britain, while more than 59 thousand 51 people have lost their lives. Currently 1,415 people are serious. A total of 4.37 crore people have been tested here.

The central government has sent guidelines to the states on corona vaccination. According to the guideline, 100 to 200 people will be vaccinated in one session every day. Monitoring will be done for 30 minutes after vaccination to see if there are any side effects of this vaccine. According to the guideline, vaccination will be given only to those who have been registered in advance on priority basis.

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