Latest Gujarat Coronavirus Update Highlight 02/05/2020

  • Strict adherence to lockdown in villages must be implemented in cities also: DGP Shivanand Jha
  • In which zone, concessions will be decided in a meeting with the Chief Minister today: Ashwini Kumar
  • In the last 24 hours, 26 deaths have been reported in the state, with the highest number of 20 deaths in Ahmedabad
  • So far 74116 tests, 5054 positive, 69062 report negative

Latest Gujarat Coronavirus Update Highlight 02/05/2020

There were 333 cases of corona positive reported in the state today. Gujarat Coronavirus Update Highlight While 9 patients due to corona alone and 17 patients due to corona and other diseases were found, a total of 26 patients died. While 160 patients have been discharged in the state, the information was given by the front secretary of the state health department, Dr. Jayanti Ravi gave. District wise, today 250 were recorded in Ahmedabad, 6 in Bhavnagar, 6 in Botad, 1 in Dahod, 18 in Gandhinagar, 3 in Kheda, 2 in Navsari, 1 in Panchmahal, 3 in Patan, 17 in Surat, 1 in Tapi, 17 in Vadodara, 1 in Valsad, 6 in Mahisagar and 1 in Chhotaudepur. . So far 5054 patients have been registered in the state. Of those, 36 patients are on ventilators. While 3860 patients are currently stable. 896 patients have been discharged and 262 patients have lost their lives in the fight against corona. In the last 24 hours, 20 patients have died in Ahmedabad, 3 in Vadodara, 2 in Surat and one in Anand.

Pass abusers will not be spared: Jha

State police chief Shivanand Jai said the same would be done in the green zone where strict enforcement is being done in the red and orange zones. Special care will be taken to ensure that no infected person enters the green zone. People in the red zone should be aware that this is something to keep in mind. People in the red zone can only go to the orange or green zone if they take this precaution. The abuser of the required pass will not be released. People trapped outside need to follow government guidelines. Today 2 trains from Ahmedabad and one train from Surat will depart from other provinces. The health of foreigners will be checked before going home. An incident of breaking the lockdown by the Tablighi Jamaat has come to light. 156942 vehicles seized in the lockdown have been released. Cases have been registered on the basis of CCTV in societies. 552 accounts spreading rumors on social media have been shut down.


Decision of concession after meeting with CM

Chief Minister’s Secretary Ashwini Kumar said the meeting with the Chief Minister today would discuss what kind of concessions should be given to which zones in the state. Concessions will be announced after discussions with the CM. In addition, the process of sending foreigners to their province will be started in phases. Medical checkups have been arranged for the workers. Workers from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have been dispatched by bus. Train from Surat to Orissa, train from Ahmedabad to Agra. Workers have to buy train tickets.
Important Events from the morning of 2nd May till now

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Kovid check post will be started on all 10 roads entering Gandhinagar

The Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation has decided to start Covid checkposts on all the 10 roads entering Gandhinagar to curb the rising number of corona positive cases in Gandhinagar. Kovid checkposts are to be started at 10 borders from the entrance to Gandhinagar, viz. Will be started in which all the people entering Gandhinagar will be checked.

The decision to start a business in Gujarat may be taken.

Social distance is necessary to prevent the transition of Corona and that is why the lockdown across the country has been extended for another 14 days. Pressure is mounting on the Gujarat government to start employment in the industry. In these circumstances, the core committee meeting of the Gujarat government to be held this evening will discuss whether to start business employment in addition to lock down, red and orange zones and how to do it, the decision on how to start business employment as per the guideline of the Union Home Ministry. Is likely to be taken.

The government school in Lodhika’s Pardi village was closed, police said

In Swami Vivekananda Primary School in Pardi village area of ​​Lodhika taluka of Rajkot district. A video of about 100 students from 1st to 8th was gathered. It was noted by the state government after the video came out. The District Education Officer was called by the Collector with immediate effect. The school was closed and police officers were deployed. An investigation has been launched by the police. The police will take statements from school administrators and teachers.

Coronavirus Gujarat Lockdown Press Not
Coronavirus Gujarat Lockdown Press Not

2,000 Maharashtra fishermen stranded in Diu repatriated by boat 2,000 Maharashtra fishermen
stranded in Diu have been repatriated by 10 boats. All the fishermen have undergone a medical checkup and the boat has also been sanitized. The fishermen thanked the system.

Due to the impatience of the people,

it has been a long time since the lockdown was imposed on the workers who came to Surat from other parts of the country . Losing the patience of the people, the workers who came to Surat from other provinces are now rushing to their homeland as if they have lost to Corona. Thousands of workers are heading to other states in buses. He said that the service families were also going to their hometowns as the service of charitable organizations was declining over time. Hours before the departure of buses from Pandesara Vadod Road, the families lined up and gathered to go home. They were sent in a planned manner with social distance by Pandesara police.

Breking News लोकडाउन में घर बैठे इ -पास चाहिए ? यहां क्लिक करके

Corona can be tested under Maa Vatsalya and Maa Amrutam: Ashwini Kumar

Chief Minister’s Secretary Ashwini Kumar said that today, on the foundation day of Gujarat, the Chief Minister has made two important announcements keeping in view the interests of the common and middle class families of the state. In the month of May, free foodgrains will be distributed to 61 lakh families of APL-1. In another advertisement, if the beneficiaries of Maa Vatsalya and Maa Amrutam have to undergo any operation or go to Maa Amrutam and Maa Vatsalya’s hospital for delivery, they will have to undergo corona test and the cost will be covered under Maa Amrutam and Maa Vatsalya scheme. The state will benefit 77 lakh families.

Total patient 5054, total death 262 and total discharge 896 (according to statistics released by the government every 24 hours)

City Positive case Death Discharge
Ahmedabad 3543 185 462
Vadodara 325 24 142
Surat 661 28 99
Rajkot 58 01 18
Bhavnagar 53 05 21
Anand 74 05 31
Bharuch 27 02 21
Gandhinagar 67 02 13
Patan 21 01 12
Narmada 12 00 10
Panchmahal 38 03 05
Banaskantha 29 01 14
Chhotaudepur 14 00 06
Kutch 07 01 05
Mehsana 11 00 07
Botad 27 01 2
Porbandar 03 00 03
Dahod 06 00 02
Kheda 09 00 02
Gir-Somnath 03 00 02
Jamnagar 01 01 00
Morbi 01 00 01
Sabarkantha 03 00 02
Ocean 23 00 05
Aravalli 19 01 06
Tapi 02 00 00
Valsad 06 01 00
Navsari 08 00 02
Dang 02 00 00
Surendranagar 01 00 00
Total 5054 262 896

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