Latest Gujarat Coronavirus Update Highlight 06/05/2020

  • 291 in Ahmedabad, 16 in Vadodara, 31 in Surat, 15 in Banaskantha, 7 in Botad, 6 in Bhavnagar, 4 in Gandhinagar.
  • 2-2 new cases in Dahod, Mahisagar and Panchmahal and 1-1 new cases in Anand, Kheda, Jamnagar and Sabarkantha
  • 25 in Ahmedabad, 1-1 patient deaths in Gandhinagar, Sabarkantha and Vadodara
    Out of a total of 6,625 patients on 26 ventilators, 4703 were in stable condition, 396 died and 1500 patients were discharged.
  • So far 95,191 tests, 6625 reports positive and 88,566 reports negative
  • 15 patients died due to corona and 13 patients died from other illnesses, high risk and corona

Latest Gujarat Coronavirus Update Highlight 06/05/2020

The state has reported 380 new positive cases of corona in the last 24 hours and 28 patients have died. While 119 patients have recovered. The death toll has risen to 396, bringing the total number of patients to 6,625 while 1500 patients have recovered and returned home so far.

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Elaborating on the number of cases reported in the state during Corona’s 24 hours and deaths and testing, Jayanti Ravi, Principal Secretary, Health, said that 380 new cases of Covid 19 have been reported in the last 24 hours. Of these, 291 in Ahmedabad, 16 in Vadodara, 31 in Surat, 15 in Banaskantha, 7 in Botad, 6 in Bhavnagar, 4 in Gandhinagar, 2-2 in Dahod, Mahisagar and Panchmahal while 1-1 new cases have been reported in Anand, Kheda, Jamnagar and Sabarkantha. As well as 15 patients have died due to corona and 13 patients have died from other diseases, high risk and corona. Of these, 25 died in Ahmedabad, 1-1 in Gandhinagar, Sabarkantha and Vadodara. So far a total of 6,625 patients have been registered in the state, out of which 26 are on ventilator, 4703 are stable, 396 have died and 1500 have been discharged. So far 95,191 tests have been done, out of which 6625 reports are positive and 88,566 are negative.

Security has been set up in the container area of ​​Ahmedabad with an impenetrable fort: DGP 

State Police Chief Shivanand Jai said security was being maintained with adequate force across the state to ensure that the transition to the red zone and containment area does not escalate and spread outside. Transition is on the rise in some areas of Ahmedabad. It has been decided to intensify security in the content area of ​​Ahmedabad. So additional paramilitary companies will now be deployed to protect the content area. Seven more paramilitary companies have been allotted by the central government. Of which 6 are BSF and one is CISF. Out of which 4 BSF companies are allotted for security of contentment area. A company RAF will also be deployed. Thus, three para-military companies allotted earlier and five companies allotted at present, a total of eight companies have been provided security with impenetrable fort around the containment area of ​​Ahmedabad city.

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Significant events that have taken place since the morning of May 6, another 30 trains will run today, so far four lakh workers have been sent home: Ashwini Kumar

Chief Minister’s Secretary Ashwini Kumar said that the Chief Minister has discussed with all the collectors about the speedy and planned delivery of the people of the province who want to go to their state while living in Gujarat. Arrangements will be made by the system to deliver all the laborers home. So far 39 trains have run in states including UP, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand. A total of 46,000 workers have been sent home through these trains. Another 30 trains will run today. Out of which 18 trains will go to UP, 7 trains to Bihar, 3 trains to Odisha and 2 trains to Jharkhand. All these trains will depart from Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot. So far, over four lakh workers have been repatriated from the state by train and other means of transportation. In 6 buses from Gandhinagar, the workers have been sent home after all the medical screenings.

The masala market in Rajkot was closed
. A crowd of women was jammed in the masala market on Nana Mahuva Road in Rajkot. There were complaints that social distance was not maintained. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. It will be allowed to resume only if all the current policy rules are laid down.

Social distansingana lirelira flown Vadodara

Vadodara was the train departs Tuesday from Lucknow to Vadodara Vadodara 1200 paraprantiyone late at night, staying Dhaboi and Waghodia. However, when the foreigners were taken to the railway station bus, there was a lot of social distance. About 40 to 50 people were seated in the ST bus. There were 3-3 people sitting on one seat. Social distance was not maintained even though it was planned by Tantra. There is a danger of spreading the corona virus due to clumsy planning of Vadodara district system.

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Of the 194 deaths reported in India, 49 per cent were reported in Gujarat, with 25 per cent reported in
Gujarat. Because in the last 24 hours till 5 pm on Tuesday, out of the total number of new positive cases in India, 11 per cent were from Gujarat and 25 per cent of the total deaths were from Gujarat. While there were 3,875 new positive cases across India, 441 new cases were reported in Gujarat, out of 194 deaths reported in India, 49 deaths and 25 per cent cases were reported in Gujarat.

Twenty per cent of the total patients who died compared to India were from Ahmedabad

In Gujarat too, the proportion of Ahmedabad is higher than in the whole of India, out of the total number of patients who died, with 39 cases, one-fifth or twenty per cent of the patients were from Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad accounted for 9 per cent of the 349 newly registered positive cases. A total of 4,425 positive cases and 273 deaths have been reported in Ahmedabad. While 704 patients have recovered. Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi said 15 of the 49 people who died in the state were patients who did not have any other illness while the remaining 34 people were suffering from any illness. To date, the total number of positive active patients is 4,489.

Coronavirus Gujarat Lockdown Press Not
Coronavirus Gujarat Lockdown Press Not

More than 300 patients were registered 7 times in 8 days and more than 400 patients were registered once

Earlier, 367 positive cases were reported on April 19, 308 on April 29, 313 on April 30, 326 on May 1, 333 on May 2, 374 on May 3 and 376 on May 4. Thus, after more than 300 positive cases were reported for 6 consecutive days, the number of patients has reached 441 today. While a total of more than 300 patients have been registered 7 times in a single day and more than 400 patients have been registered once. In the last three days, 28 patients have died on May 3, 29 on May 4 and 49 today. Thus 106 patients have died in 72 hours. Seeing that, one patient is dying almost every 40 minutes in the state. One out of every five patients who die from corona in the country in 24 hours on Tuesday is one from Ahmedabad and one out of every four is a Gujarati patient.

A total of 6,245 patients, 368 deaths and 1381 discharges (according to figures released by the government every 24 hours)

City Positive case Death Discharge
Ahmedabad 4425 273 704
Vadodara 405 30 158
Surat 723 33 282
Rajkot 62 01 26
Bhavnagar 76 05 21
Anand 75 06 37
Bharuch 27 02 22
Gandhinagar 79 04 14
Patan 24 01 12
Narmada 12 00 10
Panchmahal 49 03 06
Banaskantha 49 01 14
Chhotaudepur 14 00 11
Kutch 07 01 05
Mehsana 42 00 07
Botad 41 01 6
Porbandar 03 00 03
Dahod 13 00 02
Kheda 12 00 02
Gir-Somnath 03 00 03
Jamnagar 04 01 00
Morbi 01 00 01
Sabarkantha 09 01 03
Ocean 40 01 07
Aravalli 22 02 14
Tapi 02 00 01
Valsad 06 01 02
Navsari 08 00 04
Dang 02 00 00
Devbhoomi Dwarka 03 00 00
Surendranagar 01 00 01
Junagadh 02 00 00
Total  6245 368 1381

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