Latest Gujarat Coronavirus Update Highlight 11/05/2020

  • The national discharge rate is 30.75% while Gujarat’s discharge rate is 32.64%
  • On May 1, the discharge rate was 15.58%, which doubled! 
  • In Gujarat, the death rate due to corona has decreased, the lowest death in 8 days
  • More than 21 deaths from corona were reported in the state, with 398 new cases reported in a single day
  • The total death toll in the state is 493 with 21 new deaths, while in Ahmedabad the total death toll is 381 with 18
  • 266 patients were discharged in Ahmedabad today and 41 in Vadodara
  •  33 patients were discharged in Surat and 04 in Rajkot

Latest Gujarat Coronavirus Update Highlight 11/05/2020

Gandhinagar. For the first time in the state, the number of discharged patients is higher than the number of cases reported in the last 24 hours. The national discharge rate is 30.75% while Gujarat’s discharge rate is 32.64%. On May 1, the discharge rate was 15.58%, which has doubled. Giving updated details of Corona in the state, the frontline health secretary said that 454 patients have been discharged in the state as per the new guideline. While 398 new cases have been reported in 24 hours and 21 patients have died. Thus far 8195 patients have been reported while the death toll has risen to 493 and 2545 patients have recovered. Among the newly registered cases are 278 in Ahmedabad, 41 in Surat, 25 in Vadodara, 10 in Gandhinagar, 8-8 in Mehsana and Gir-Somnath, 6 in Sabarkantha, 4 in Banaskantha, 3-3 in Patan and Botad, 2-2 in Panchmahal, Aravalli and Surendranagar as well as Anand, Kutch and 1-1 cases have been reported in Morbi.

Important events since the morning of May 10

Lockdown may be mild in some parts of Saurashtra and Gujarat, including Rajkot

Serious consideration is being given to ease the lockdown in Saurashtra and some parts of Gujarat, including Rajkot. Serious discussions are underway to revive public life. An announcement is expected soon.
40 people from Fatehgarh

village in Vadgam quarantined 40 people from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in Fatehgarh village of Vadgam taluka of Banaskantha have been quarantined in Fatehgarh madrassa and their medical examination was done. Police cordoned off the area.
387 patients from across the state were discharged

New guidelines have been issued by the Government of India regarding Corona. A total of 387 patients from the state have been discharged for home isolation today as per this guideline. Of these, 250 in Ahmedabad, 34 in Vadnagar, 35 in Surat, 20 in Vadodara, 15 in Rajkot, 17 in Anand, 10 in Bhavnagar, 5 in Mahisagar and 1 in Aravalli have been discharged today.  

People on foot should be kept in a shelter home and repatriated: DGP

The state police chief said work was underway to repatriate the workers if they wanted to go home. However, in some places it has been noticed that people have left for home. In this regard, all the units have been instructed to keep them in a shelter home and to take necessary action to repatriate these people in coordination with the administration. . Those who want to make an inter-district movement avoid us as much as possible. In some cases, such interstate movements have caused infections in other districts. Then avoid unnecessary rush and if necessary, take an official pass and stay in quarantine. 

A patient with normal symptoms can be discharged after 10 days of treatment: Ashwini Kumar

Chief Minister’s Secretary Ashwini Kumar said the protocol for treatment of corona across the country is determined by the ICMR. Guidelines on how to treat corona are issued by ICMR. Each state is treated as per the guideline. Significant changes were made to Covid’s guideline yesterday. In which now if the patient of Corona has no symptoms or minor symptoms and is admitted to the hospital then leave can be given after 10 days of treatment and no test is required before giving leave. There should be no symptoms of illness until three days before discharge.

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 If a corona patient is admitted to the hospital with normal symptoms, he can be discharged after 10 days without any kind of test. A patient with a severe symptom can be discharged after the completion of the treatment period if he / she reports negative after a test after full recovery.

Coronavirus Gujarat Lockdown Press Not
Coronavirus Gujarat Lockdown Press Not

In order to control the corona in Gujarat, the health department has assigned 14 high officials to prepare a complete report on the condition of corona in different districts, who will visit the district for two days and prepare a report Will present to the Health Commissioner on the basis of which a new strategy will be formulated.

Crowd of workers near Matri’s residence in Gandhinagar A crowd

of workers has gathered near Gandhinagar bus stop to go home. Where they are being registered. The workers have reached Gandhinagar in trucks. 2 km from the minister’s residence. In the distance were seen the lizards of social disintegration flying. 

A total of 8195 patients, 493 deaths and 2545 discharges (according to figures released by the government every 24 hours)

City Positive case Death Discharge
Ahmedabad 5818 381 1373
Vadodara 518 31 291
Surat  895 39 468
Rajkot 66 01 30
Bhavnagar  94 06 42
Anand 78 06 63
Bharuch 28 02 25
Gandhinagar 129 05 32
Patan 27 01 19
Narmada  12 00 12
Panchmahal   61 04 27
Banaskantha 81 03 33
Chhotaudepur 14 00 13
Kutch  08 01 06
Mehsana 50 01 20
Botad 56 01 16
Porbandar 03 00 03
Dahod  20 00 04
Kheda 29 01 08
Gir-Somnath 12 00 03
Jamnagar  26 02 02
Morbi  02 00 01
Sabarkantha 23 02 03
Ocean 44 01 13
Aravalli 73 02 22
Tapi  02 00 02
Valsad  06 01 04
Navsari  08 00 07
Dang  02 00 02
Devbhoomi Dwarka 04 00 00
Surendranagar 03 00 01
Junagadh 02 00 00
Another state 01 00 00
Total  8195 493 2545

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