Latest Gujarat Coronavirus Update Highlight 28/04/2020

  • 164 in Ahmedabad, 15 in Vadodara, 14 in Surat, 9 in Anand, 9 in Rajkot, 6 in Botad, 6 in Gandhinagar, 2 in Bharuch, 1 in Bhavnagar.
  • Out of total 3774 patients, 181 died, 34 were on ventilator, 3125 were stable and 434 recovered.
  • The state has so far tested 56101, 3774 positive and 52327 negative reports.
  • All the 19 deaths in Ahmedabad were at the Civil Hospital
  • Out of 19 deaths, 4 patients died primarily from corona while 15 patients died from other diseases, high risk and corona.
  • Two female patients gave birth to a healthy baby

Gujarat Coronavirus Update Highlight 28/04/2020

Ahmedabad. The state has registered 226 new patients of corona in the last 24 hours and 40 patients have been discharged. While 19 patients have died. All these deaths have taken place in Ahmedabad. So far a total of 3774 patients have been registered and 434 patients have been discharged while the death toll has reached 181.

Tested 56101 so far, 34 patients on ventilator
Giving an update on corona in the state, Principal Secretary Health Jayanti Ravi said that 226 new corona patients have been registered in the state in the last 24 hours. These include 164 in Ahmedabad, 15 in Vadodara, 14 in Surat, 9 in Anand, 9 in Rajkot, 6 in Botad, 6 in Gandhinagar, 2 in Bharuch and 1 in Bhavnagar. While 19 patients have died, all of these deaths have occurred in Ahmedabad alone. Of the 19 deaths, 4 patients died primarily from corona while 15 patients died from other illnesses, high risk and corona. As many as 40 patients have recovered today. Out of a total of 3774 patients, 181 have died, while 34 are on ventilator and 3125 are in stable condition. So far 434 patients have recovered in the state. While two women from Corona have given birth to a healthy baby. So far 56101 tests have been done in the state, 3774 positive and 52327 negative reports.


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Central team lauds steps taken by state government to eradicate corona in Surat-Ahmedabad

The central team in Gujarat has submitted its report to review the condition of Corona, its prevention measures and compliance with the lockdown rules. The report lauded the prompt action taken by the state government in Surat and Ahmedabad and the initiative to find the infected using modern technology.

Lockdown in 4 cities stricter, crime filed against two more members of Tabligh Jamaat: DGP 

Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot have the highest number of corona positive cases and hotspot areas are more prevalent in these cities. State police chief Sivananda Jai ​​said the lockdown would be tightened in the four cities. Shopkeepers and customers need to wear masks and shoppers need to be vigilant. Police will take action in areas where crowds are seen and precautions are not taken. Crimes have been registered against two more members of the Tabligh community. Vehicles carrying borewells or equipment used for water and irrigation and people engaged in repair work have been reported to be stopped. These vehicles are also instructed not to stop and to allow.

Bore vehicles allowed to convey
that the Chief Secretary said Ashwani Kumar has been decided by the government to the farmers get irrigation facility. According to the decision, the farmer has been allowed to drill a borewell in the field. Also, a vehicle for a borewell will not need a pass for this. Grain has been distributed to 35 lakh families. Also, 1 thousand rupees have been deposited in the account of more than 50 lakh families.
Instructions to employees coming from hotspots, containments and red zones not to come to
Gandhinagar An important decision has been taken by the General Administration Department after the death of an employee of Gandhinagar Narmada Corporation. Employees coming from Hotspot, Containment, Red Zone have been instructed not to come to Gandhinagar. Relief has been given to the employees coming from the infected area of ​​Ahmedabad.
Change in corona-related information timing
Corona’s briefing on important decisions of the corona, lockdown and government has been changed from April 28 in the wake of Corona’s ouster. At 2 pm, Chief Minister’s Secretary Ashwini Kumar will give a briefing on important decisions of the state government and the state of supply of essential commodities. Then at 4 pm the state police chief Shivanand Jha will give a briefing on the state of law and order situation and then at 7.30 pm the front health secretary Jayanti Ravi will give information about the updated details of Corona.

Total patient death 3774, 181 deaths and 434 discharges (according to figures released by the government every 24 hours)

City Positive case Death Discharge
Ahmedabad 2543 128 241
Vadodara 255 13 58
Surat 570 19 20
Rajkot 55 00 15
Bhavnagar 41 05 20
Anand 60 03 18
Bharuch 31 02 14
Gandhinagar 36 02 12
Patan 17 01 11
Narmada 12 00 01
Panchmahal 20 02 00
Banaskantha 28 01 01
Chhotaudepur 13 00 05
Kutch 06 01 04
Mehsana 07 00 02
Botad 19 01 2
Porbandar 03 00 03
Dahod 04 00 01
Kheda 06 00 01
Gir-Somnath 03 00 02
Jamnagar 01 01 00
Morbi 01 00 01
Sabarkantha 03 00 02
Ocean 10 00 00
Aravalli 18 01 00
Tapi 01 00 00
Valsad 05 01 00
Navsari 03 00 00
Dang 02 00 00
Surendranagar 01 00 00
Total  3774 181 43

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