Latest Gujarat Coronavirus Update Date 16-4-2020 Evening 07-30AM

  • Corona’s hail in 24 districts of the state
  •  The 28 Front Line Warriors are Corona-positive, all being treated
  • Of the 929 patients, 36 died and 73 recovered
  • 1706 tests were performed in 24 hours
  • So far 20903 tests have been done in the state
  • Curfew declared till 22nd in five areas of Surat
  • The cases are increasing in Anand and Bharuch
  • Report positive of youth driving salty biscuits in Umreth

Gujarat Coronavirus Update Date 16-4-2020 Evening 07-30AM

There are 58 new Corona cases registered in the state today. 53 cases have been registered in Ahmedabad. In the last 24 hours, a total of 167 positive cases have come up. However, the information provided by the health family welfare department does not mention 3 new cases of Botad and one new case in Chhotaudepur. Thus far, a total of 933 coronary patients have been recorded. Today 9 patients have recovered and 73 patients have been discharged so far.

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Health Principal Secretary Jayanti Ravi said that 1706 tests have been done in the last 24 hours in the state. Of which 163 have come positive. So far 20903 tests have been done in the state. Of which 929 negative and 19974 negative test have come. The 28 Front Line Warriors are Corona-positive, all being treated.

amalpur-Khadia MLA Imran Khedwala’s family members also received positive
Jamalpur-Khadia legislator Imran Khedwala’s corona report was taken positive after his family and activist samples were taken. In which 5 members of the family have come positive. Imran’s family will be declared positive include his brother, sister-in-law, two nieces and nephew’s wife. All have been taken to SVP Hospital. The report of MLA Shailesh Parmar and other activists who were with him is still pending.

Amit Shah asked about the information of the constituency workers
Union Home Minister and Gandhinagar MP Amitabhai Shah has called in some constituencies and leaders in his constituency and asked for a gap. The activists of Gandhinagar and Gujarat and with the attention of the masses, advised to implement lockdown to protect the corona and keep everyone safe.

Three more positive cases were reported in Botad, the total number in the state reached 874A
The number of coronas-positive patients in the state is constantly increasing. Three more positive cases have been reported in Botad. At the same time, the total number of positive patients has increased to 874. Earlier, Health Principal Secretary Jayanti Ravi said that there were 105 new cases in the state. Of these, 42 cases were registered in Ahmedabad, 35 in Surat. A total of 64 people have been discharged in the state. While the dead have risen to 36 with three new deaths. In the state, 2971 tests have been done in 24 hours. Health Minister Jayanti Ravi said that 20204 tests have been done so far.

Gujarat Coronavirus Update

he state has 933 positive cases, 36 deaths and 73 discharges

City Positive case Death Discharge
Ahmedabad 545 17 21
Vadodara 128 05 07
Surat  88 05 10
Rajkot 28 00 08
Bhavnagar 26 03 10
Anand 25 00 00
Gandhinagar 17 01 09
Patan 15 01 04
Bharuch 13 00 00
Panchamahal 06 01 00
Banaskantha 06 00 00
Narmada 06 00 00
Chhotaudepur 05 00 00
Kutch 04 01 00
Mehsana 04 00 00
Porbandar 03 00 03
Gir-Somnath 02 00 01
Dahod 02 00 00
Kheda 02 00 00
Jamnagar 01 01 00
Morbi 01 00 00
Sabarkantha 01 00 00
Botad 04 01 00
Aravalli 01 00 00
Total 933 36 73

WHO’s Guideline for Corona Potential-Infected Interviews

> Avoid contact with the public who has corona symptoms or who has been tested and results are pending.

> Quarantine all the patients exposed to the Corona Positive Report and also test them.

> Anyone who has undergone a corona test should not touch anyone until the result is released, do not go closer than 1 meter.

> Keeping the patient who was positive for Corona report in complete isolation at Covid Hospital for 14 days.

> If all mild cases cannot be taken to a health facility, quarantine them at home or elsewhere based on risk factors.

> Anyone who has come in contact with a corona positive patient should undergo a repetitive corona test within 14 days.

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