[Computer Updates] How To Secure laptop from Hackers 2020

How To Secure laptop from Hackers Usually viruses in any computer system have a negative effect on the data contained in the system which is said to violate the privacy due to viruses in the computer but there is a danger of authentic access as well as theft, as well as the use of sensitive information.

How To Secure laptop from Hackers 2020

Catch a dangerous virus that is destroying the data in Internet Issues. Smart hackers spreading viruses through the internet have become useless

How To Secure laptop from Hackers

Social media to spread Virus by smart hackers

It is estimated by analysts that since hackers spread more than five thousand viruses daily, the data of more than ten thousand computer systems has been adversely affected. There have been complaints that a friend has posted a pornography link in the name As social networking usage continues to rise, social networking is becoming more and more like a paradise for hackers to create new viruses. Shortly a million dollars a month. They are providing clues, especially at the present time.

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how to protect your laptop from viruses

5 Way To Protect computer And Leptop

1.When to download attachments of unknown e-mail or not click on unknown link

2.unknown popup should not be clicked on

3.A policy of two cups of regular data should be made of your important data

4.Unless necessary, the computer’s drive should not be shared. If used in a driving network, it should not be unprotected ie does not have totake protection….

5.The license operating system should be used so that the required software is updated regularly


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