[IPL News] Top 6 Things To keep In Mind During Screen Time.

  • Avoid sharing food with friends while watching IPL in Corona
  • If you go out to watch a match, eat hot food and follow social distance
  • Watching matches after work and study will increase screen time, so avoid unnecessary use of phones and laptops.


[IPL News] Top 6 Things To keep In Mind During Screen Time.

Post Name Top 6 Things To keep In Mind During Screen Time
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IPL Start 19/09/2020
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Date 18/09/2020

The IPL (Indian Premium League) is going to start from next Saturday i.e. 19th September. It’s been 12 seasons of the IPL, but this will be the first time during the epidemic that people will enjoy such a big tournament with caution. This time IPL will be seen not only in the field but also in the streets, shops and houses.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind while watching a match.

Social Distance: Friends gather to watch a cricket match and the shops are also crowded. Although now it is not possible. If you want to enjoy a match with another person, choose a large space with ventilation. Also use a mask while watching the match.
2. Selection of ventilated space: Experts say that if there is a crowd, it is necessary to stay outdoors. A study of 100 people on coronavirus in Japan found that the risk of coronavirus infection inside the home was 20 times higher than outside. The presence of outside air and sunlight reduces the risk of infection.
3. Eye focus:The use of smartphones and PCs has increased in the Corona era due to online study whether it is a workflow home or not. “People are facing more eye problems due to lockdown,” said Vasudha Damle, an associate professor and doctor at Ramakrishna Parmarth Foundation Medical College. The main cause of dryness of the eyes is screen time.
4. Food Safety: Special attention should be paid to food safety while watching matches in the group. Don’t give food to anyone to share. Eat something hot even if you go out. Hand wash instead of sanitizer before consuming any food.

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What precautions should you take in screen time?

Doctor Vasudha advises to reduce unnecessary screen time, as more screen time causes more problems. Reduce extra screen time like gaming and movies if you want to watch matches. If you want to take care of your eye health, keep these 6 things in mind.

1. Frequent blinking: According to ophthalmologist Dr. Vinita Ramanani, normally our eyes blink 18-20 times a minute, but this number will decrease while working on the screen. To avoid this, keep blinking your eyes from time to time.
Rule 2.20-20-20: The doctor advises to follow the 20-20-20 rule. In it you have to look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes during work. It relaxes the eye muscles.
3. Avoid AAC: Dr. Dryness problems can increase when working in an air conditioner, Damle said. Avoid working in AC and take short breaks if working in AC. Also do not work by turning off the lights in the room. According to experts, always work only when there is light in the room.
4. Take a break:Take a few breaks during work and return to a normal environment. Also include multivitamins and antioxidant foods in your normal diet.
5. Adjust the chair height: According to the doctors, it is necessary to balance the posture and monitor while working for eye health. Screen height should be low. Because, looking down, the eyes only open a little.
6. Use it if you have glasses : According to the doctor, people who have glasses should use it. Wear glasses even if you look clean without glasses.

Is it safe to watch matches outside with friends?

Often people prefer to go to the roof top cafe or restaurant with friends and watch the match instead of going home. Expert also advises sitting in open space instead of closed space. Be careful not to go out together if you or a friend shows signs of corona.

If you are going to watch a match at a restaurant or any place outside, keep proper distance between the chairs and do not share the meal. If a restaurant is overcrowded, you should look for another option. Not only the crowd but also the screen space to see if the staff is wearing masks and how alert people are to social distance. If possible, select the outside table.

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