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Gujarat People [farmer] will now have to go online only to measure the extent of land. The manual will not be accepted. After the online fee has been deposited, the measurement sheet will be given to those who have measured within 30 days for quick measurement and 90 days for aggregation.

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If there is an objection against the measurement, the government has now given two new options to the farmers. It is learned from the revenue sources that his superior will be able to measure the superior.

emojani Gujarat Process Step By Step.

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The Gujarat Revenue Department has issued an order to make the land survey system faceless. At the end of the adult deliberation, it has been decided to make one more revenue service of the land. Through online from the AGIORA portal for measuring the extent of the land, measuring the share, and so on.

In this regard, it was under consideration to issue instructions to the IORA portal and to issue instructions to the land registry department through the imojni application. In this regard, active consideration is given and instructions are given.

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What is Mean IORA?

The Integrated Online Revenue Applications (IORA) Official Website Process

The portal will be available online only for various measurements available. The prescribed sample form for the online application will be generated from the system itself and the guidance will be available on the iORA portal.

The data for online measurement can also be obtained from the 2nd Gram Panchayat office as determined by the Panchayat Department.

If anyone is inconvenienced in making an online application, the District Inspector can also make an online application with their help by contacting the help desk in the land registry office.

જમીન નો ઓનલાઇન રેકોર્ડ જોવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો.

For this, all the district inspectors will have to allocate a staff member to help the help desk in the land registry. In the first phase, the extent measurement, share measurement, and other measures taken by the farmers can be done online, then other types of measurement will be done online in the second phase.

There will be a separate measurement per survey number. But in the case of share measurement and extent measurement, if there is water among the same survey numbers, then out of the required number of numbers can be selected in the same scale for measurement.

Measurement priority will be of 2 types. Simple measurement (which will be disposed of in 30 days after payment receipt is generated), agent measurement (which will be disposed of in 30 days after payment receipt is generated).

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I Mojni Apply Online

In the case of share measurement, the system of the affidavit will be printed in the name of the consent of all the occupants/shareholders in the GNU. If the affidavit of measuring the share of the occupants has been uploaded, the measurement will not be done, the survey of the measurement will have to confirm that it is in the affidavit including all the occupants.

If the signatures of all the occupants are not in the affidavit, then in the case of non-measurement, the measurement will be free and the measurement will be projected.

Latest Steps Online Varsai Gujarat on iORA

→1st, go to the i-ORA portal of the Department of Consumer Affairs to make a new application.
→“Click on” ONLINE APPLICATIONS “in the menu on the main page of the i-ORA Portal, or click on the one you want to apply to from the different killings mentioned on the main page.
→Select the application and type of application.
→Select the district, taluka, and village to apply to the district, district, and district survey numbers. Note: – If there is more than one surveyor, apply for the survey number separately.
→Enter the applicant’s mobile number and – mail.
→Read the SynchPassword code displayed on the screen and enter it in the following textbox.
→If you do not read the captcha code, click on “Refresh Code” so that the new captcha code appears on the screen.
After entering the captcha code, click on “Generate OTP”. Generating OTP will provide different verification codes to the applicant’s mobile number and – mail.
→Enter the mobile number and – the different verification code found on the mail – by typing in the checkboxes next to ‘Mail’ and click “Submit”.
→Click Click “Submit” followed by the prompt to fill in the application details.
→Enter the exact details of the application.
→The owner will obtain the land rights by mutating a land in Gujarat, and the property details will be revised in the revenue record (7/12 and 8A) as well as in the Gujarat mutation registry. website  In case of measurement of the extent and among them, the signed consent form will have to be signed and uploaded. Out of more than one occupant, there will be signatures of the occupants who have agreed to sign, but the measurement will have to be done even if all the occupants do not have signatures.

If there is a possession in the survey number other than the one mentioned in the online application, the measurement will not be done and the survey will work on it and upload it in the system. In such a case, the measurement fee of the extra will be fixed and the measurement will be executed.

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Each individual’s charge will be computed using the calculating method, and payment will be made via free online payment. Following the completion of the measurement, an e-mail with a soft copy (scanned copy) of the measuring seat must be given.

A hard copy of the measurement sheet will have to be provided by the district inspector for the first time in 30 days without any charge for sending the measurement sheet by e-mail. A copy of the measurement will have to be provided after paying the required copy fee after the time limit.

The date fixed for the measurement will be informed to Ajajada through the digital medium, phone number, SMS, and e-mail.

I mojani Gujarat Apply Online

If he/she feels dissatisfied with his / her measurement performance, he/she will be able to take the measurement test by paying the prescribed fee of the superset test within a period of 6 months from the date of receipt of the copy of the measurement sheet by e-mail.

Likewise, if there is any desire in taking the subsequent test, we will provide a copy of the test by email within six months.

Up until the stage is made available online, SUP and SUPI testing will be phased out gradually. He will be able to know the status of his AG from the iORA portal.

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