Latest Gujarat Coronavirus Update Highlight 27/04/2020

Latest Gujarat Coronavirus Update Highlight 27/04/2020

Jayanti Ravi, front secretary of the health department, gave a press conference on the status of coronavirus in the state. In it, he said, the state administration is committed and striving to prevent the transmission of the corona virus. Most of the cases in the state i.e. 89 per cent are from Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara only. Of these, 65 per cent are in Ahmedabad, 16 per cent in Surat and 8 per cent in Vadodara. In addition, 27 districts have a total of 11 per cent cases. While there is not a single case in Amreli, Devbhoomi Dwarka and Junagadh in the state.

Telemedicine can also be taken advantage
of The government has started experimenting with telemedicine to prevent transition in the state. Experts such as MD Physician, MD Pediatrician, Dermatologist and Gynecologist will provide guidance from 10 am to 5 pm, which has been appealed to the public to take advantage. Citizens of 31 districts are taking advantage of tele-medicine. In addition, the state-run helpline 14 received 56,259 calls and the 1100 number received 12,384 calls.

Ayurvedic remedies are
essential to boost the immune system. In addition, Dr. Jayanti Ravi has advised people to take Ayurvedic infusions, restraints and homeopathic medicines to boost the immune system. Apart from this, it is also suggested to use home remedies. He said that home-grown green herbs should be used which are available in abundance in rural areas. For example, ginger, basil, ardusi, neem bark, ginger and turmeric are also said to be used more and more.

Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine is given.
Dr. Jayanti Ravi while giving information about the operation of Kovid Center said that patients are given Ayurveda based diet. In addition, 75 patients who are now asymptomatic in the Samaras Hostel are given two doses of Sanshavati twice a day for seven days from April 24. Apart from this, Dashmulakwat, Pathyadikwath and Trikatu powder have been given. Not only this, with the help of Homoeopathic Arsenic Album 30 Potency drugs are also being given. This is how medicine is given to people who have been quarantined.

71 more positive cases were registered in the state, 46 cases in Ahmedabad alone, three died today, total patient 766

  1. State Government prepares master plan for relaxation of industry-construction and economic activities, announcement tomorrow
  2. Chief minister and MLA Khedwala had a distance of 15-20 feet, did not come in close contact: CM’s secretary
  3. Imran farmer’s nephew and driver home quarantine, samples taken from 30 people in contact with MLA
  4. Sampled Deodiwala flat in Jamalpur, sample taken by MLA Gyasuddin Sheikh
  5. Today, Ahmedabad has the highest of 56 Corona positive cases in Gujarat
  6. A 14-year-old girl was killed in Vadodara and a 45-year-old woman in Surat

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Latest Update Gujarat Coronavirus

>> State Government formulates master plan for relaxation of industry-construction and economic activities, announcement tomorrow

>> As summer has begun, the Chief Minister gave clear instructions to the district, taluka, town or village to implement the master plan in consultation with the in-charge ministers to prevent the problem of drinking water in the district.

>> The Chief Minister directed the District Collectors to take action to arrange the functioning of floor mills, rice mills, pulses mills in their area so that the citizens of the state could easily get food grains in case of lockdown.

Coronavirus Gujarat Lockdown Press Not

WHO’s Guideline for Corona Potential-Infected Interviews

> Avoid contact with the public who has corona symptoms or who has been tested and results are pending.

> Quarantine all the patients exposed to the Corona Positive Report and also test them.

> Anyone who has undergone a corona test should not touch anyone until the result is released, do not go closer than 1 meter.

> Keeping the patient who was positive for Corona report in complete isolation at Covid Hospital for 14 days.

> If all mild cases cannot be taken to a health facility, quarantine them at home or elsewhere based on risk factors.

Anyone who has come in contact with a corona positive patient should undergo a repetitive corona test within 14 days.

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