Latest_Gujarat MantriMandal 2017-18.

●Latest_Gujarat MantriMandal 2017-18.
Gujarat Cabinet Ministers List – Vijay Rupani New Mantri Mandal 2017 – CM Minister Name Declared.Below is the list of 20 Ministers including CM to take oath today December 26, 2017.
●Latest_Gujarat MantriMandal 2017-18.
Gandhinagar: After formation of BJP government in Gujarat on sixth day, Vijay Rupani will hold oath of oath with the cabinet including Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel on Tuesday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP’s national president Amit Shah and chief ministers of 18 states, central ministers and other invitees will be witness to this ceremony in the Secretariat complex. Rupani and cabinet will adopt the sworn oath between scriptural mantras. In this ceremony, monk saints from all over the country are also invited. Vijay Rupani will be the Chief Minister for the second time since Tuesday, when the entire administrative system is busy preparing for the oath-taking ceremony.
The veteran leader, including Modi, Amit Shah, will be present in the oath
Wikipedia On Gujarat MantriMandal.
Article 163 of the Constitution of India makes provision for the State Governments of the Republic of India to have a Council of Ministers, headed by a Chief Minister, so as to aid and assist that state’s Governor in the exercise of his or her functions.
While the Governor is the executive Head of the State, actual executive power can only be exercised after a consensus is reached by the Council of Ministers. Upon being so advised, the Governor is expected to act accordingly.
The Governor of Gujarat appoints the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Ministers serving on the Council, in turn, are appointed by the Governor under advisement by the Chief Minister. While a Council Minister technically holds office at the pleasure of the State Governor, practically, a sitting Minister may be removed by the Governor only after consulting with, and receiving advice from, the Chief Minister.
Both the Chief Minister and those serving on the Council of Ministers must also be members of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. If he or she is not a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), he or she shall obtain membership of the assembly within six months of his or her appointment. The Council is collectively responsible to the Legislative Assembly and holds office till they enjoy the confidence of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. Alternatively, a serving Council Minister may be removed by the Legislative Assembly through passage of a no confidence motion.
As per Article 164 (1A) of the Constitution of India, the maximum strength of the Council of Ministers in Gujarat will be fifteen percent of the total Legislative Assembly strength . Hence, considering that the total strength of the Legislative Assembly of Gujarat is 182 members, the State’s Council of Ministers may only be served by no more than forty-three members.
MantriMandal List 2018.
Chief Minister Vijay Rupani
-Nyib Chief Minister Nitin Patel
-Bhupendrasinh Chudasama
-RC Flood
-Kaushik Patel
– Lepteepsingh Jadeja
-Babu Bukhariya
-Saurabh Patel
-Dilip Thakor
-David Dave
-Kumar Kanani
-Ishwar Patel
-Washan Ahir
– God Parmar
– Parasol Solanki
-Purbate Patel
-Raman Patkar
-Jydranth Singh Parmar
-Jayesh Raddiya

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