Live News_Petrol and diesel will get cashback.

Live News_Petrol and diesel will get cashback.
Petrol and diesel will get 50 percent cashback
50% cashback is being offered on diesel and petrol. 
The offer was paid by Pettm and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited together. To avail this offer, you will have to buy fuel from HP (Hindustan Petroleum) petrol pump. After buying fuel, payment will be made with PETM. There is a special condition for that to be done by scanning the payment QR code. Only cashback will be available. 
Let us tell you that this offer is for the Bihar state. The benefits of this offer can only be taken on the petrol pump in Bihar.
When you fuel a fuel pump with an HP petrol pump, you have to pay the entire payment. After that every 3 lucky winners get cashback on every HP petrol pump every week. To participate in this offer, the user has to buy at least Rs. 300 petrol. In the Lucky Draw, 
The nominated winner will be credited with a cashback of 150 rupees in the PATIm wallet. Apart from this, 5 percent cashback is also being given for getting diesel petrol from any petrol pump in Bihar. The advantage of this can take the user only twice. After purchasing petrol diesel, the user will receive a 5% cashback on payment from the ATM. The user has to make a transcript of at least 20 rupees. While Maxim Cashback will get 50 rupees. This offer will last till December 28, 2017.

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