How To Check Loksabha Election Live Result 2019 ?

How To Check Loksabha Election Live Result 2019 ?

The Check LokSabha Elections Result 23 April 2019 The Vot  conducted in 7 phases from 11th April 2019 to 19th May 2019. Apart from these 29 states, the Loc Sabha elections had earlier concluded in India. While the results of the Loc Sabha elections will be declared on 23rd May 2019.

Loksabha Election 2019 Live Result 2019 

⧫ Total Number of Seats: 545
⧫ Result Declared: No updates yet
⧫ Candidate List of BJP: not released yet
⧫ Candidate List of Congress: not available
⧫ Candidate List of APP: not released

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Lok Sabha election 2019 Result: Voting for phase 7 of the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 59 parliamentary constituencies spread across 7 states and one Union Territory on May 19. All parliamentary constituencies in Bihar (8), Jharkhand (3), Madhya Pradesh (8), Punjab (13), West Bengal (9), Chandigarh (1), Uttar Pradesh (13) and Himachal Pradesh (4) will go for polling in the seventh phase.

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 Loksabha Election Live Result 2019

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⧫ For the Lok Sabha 2019 elections, K Chandrasekhar Rao has claimed to win 16 seats for the next elections.

⧫ In 2019, the election commission will be asked to conduct the Assembly polls simultaneously Lok Sabha elections.

⧫ Government to ask EC: Can simultaneous Lok Sabha assembly polls be held in 2019? – April 14th, 2018, The Times of India

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Not only the use of electronic voting machines , the time spent in voting and counting of votes has decreased, the enthusiasm and thrill that is usually seen on the occasion of counting has been reduced. Just flip out the old pages of your memories book and remember the views of outside the counting place till about two decades ago when electronic voting machines did not arrive and neither was the fear of the Election Commission .

This new generation, voting for the first time in this Lok Sabha election, remained unhappy with the thrill of the two-to-three-day counting of votes.

Shishir, an IAS officer of Uttar Pradesh’s Director Information Officer and IAS officer who has experienced the counting of ballots, said, ‘Then, the first ballot boxes were opened, the votes were reversed on the tables, their mattresses were formed, and after that one vote was counted. . The disputed ballots were examined by the microscope, but if there was a dispute in it then the vote was declared invalid. He said that it was taking two to three days in the first Lok Sabha election and more than three days in municipal elections.

Political analyst Rajendra Dwivedi said that in those days, counting of votes was done for three to three days, and after each round, which candidate was ahead of the number of votes, it was announced and the situation changed in every few hours. Due to the election results, there was a glimpse of the festival of Holi. “Dwivedi says that the electronic voting machine started simultaneously in the whole country from the year 2004. Earlier, between 1998 and 2001, the EVM was tried on trial basis in some areas in different parts of the country.

For the first time, Shikhar Sinha, who voted for the first time, says that we have no information about it, it is definitely heard from the people that it took two to three days for the results to come. Now the time of fasting is the time saved by the EVM and the whole attack in the same day ends.

Learn why tomorrow can turn off exit poll

In the Lok Sabha elections, the results of the exit polls, which announced the BJP’s bumper win in UP, have raised the resilience of the opposition parties. Opposition parties are hopeful that the May 23 election results will be different. In view of this, he is engaged in strategy. On Monday morning Akhilesh Yadav went to meet his associate BSP chief Mayawati in the election. The two leaders discussed about 1 hour. Opposition leaders try to see that if a close situation is formed, then the possibility of a third front, including the UPA, should also be considered. The role of Mayawati and Akhilesh in this third front can be important. This election is very important for Mayawati. Akhilesh Yadav has often given the signal to Mayawati’s PM in the race.

It is important for Delhi’s journey. UP’s path is

The most 80-seat state of Uttar Pradesh, which has always been important for Delhi’s throne. This time, for occupying this ‘path’, the ruling BJP, the opposition general body and the Congress put their full strength. PM Modi did most of the focus on UP only. While there, Mayawati and Akhilesh performed racket rallies across the state. Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi tried to save their party in UP through rallies and roadshows. .inimagesNew 1Lok sabha election results 2019: Know what is the whole process of counting ?

The party will form the next government in the country, it will be known on May 23. Find out the entire process of voting and posting results. How are the counting and who are the officers involved in it.

The results of the Lok Sabha elections will be counted tomorrow ie May 23. With this, it will be clear that the leader of the party will sit on the chair of power. Earlier, opposition parties are attacking the EVMs about security, manipulation and tempering. The Election Commission has rejected all claims and accusations in the midst of allegation and politics.

Earlier we had told how EVMs are protected from voting to the Strong Room. In the Strong Room, the EVM is placed in three security layers. The room door is sealed with a double lock. After this, a 6 inch wall is made on the door. Wood barricades are also placed in some places. Its purpose is that if anyone tries to enter the Strong Room before counting, then first it will have to break a wooden or 6-inch wall.

What is the counting center of the environment ?

Strong room is made in the counting center only. Section 144 is applicable on the day of counting. All the shops around this area are closed. Near the counting center, 100 meters is restricted to any vehicle entry. In the counting center, no mobile phone can be taken except the Supervisor (District Election Officer). During counting, counting officers can not go outside the counting center.

Which is opened in front of the Strong Room ?

The Strong Room is opened in the presence of Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officer along with Supervisor, Superintendent of Police, Observer, candidates and political representatives. After this, the basis of the form filled during the ceiling, EVMs are examined once there is no disturbance. After everything is found correct, further process is started.

Who do the count of votes ?

Counting involves employees from central and state government working in government departments. These employees are given training at the counting center a week before the counting. Even a day before the counting, a training is given. This training includes District Election Officer and officials of the district related to election, whose duty is in the election. After giving training a day before the counting, they are sent to the respective parliamentary area for 24 hours. The special thing is that before any officer-employee is not told it will be sent to the counting center. This process is kept completely confidential. On the day of counting these employees have to sit at the counting table at 5 in the morning. There are counting supervisors, assistants and micro supervisors on every counting table. After this, the ballet units are kept on their tables.

When does counting begin ?

Counting of votes of Lok sabha Chunav 2019 starts at 7:45 in the morning. The first postal ballot is calculated. Firstly, the postal ballot is counted. The postal ballot is used by those officers who are posted in government duty and have not been able to vote. At the same time the army staff have the right to vote with the postal ballot. There are four tables for the postal ballot. The names of all political parties or candidates are witnesses of this calculation. Counting of votes on each table is not given more than five hundred ballet papers for each round. In this, ballet papers imposing wrong or imprinted marks are invalid.

What is the procedure for starting counting ?

Postal ballot postal electronically transferrable postal ballot (ETPBS) is also counted. These contain the QR code. It is counted through it. According to the commission’s rules, counting of votes given in the EVM starts counting half an hour after the counting of ballot and ETPBS count. For this, 14 tables are placed at the center according to each assembly constituency.

How long does it take to calculate a round ?

One EVM is sent to each table. In this way 14 EVMs count together for each assembly constituency simultaneously. Generally it takes 30 to 45 minutes in every round. Around the counting table, there are agents of parties or candidates who keep tabs on counting. For them, the counting officers fill the last part of the fixed form 17C. The first part of Form 17C is filled with the presence and signature of polling agents of polling, when the polling process is started. The last part is filled during counting. So that EVMs and other machines have proof of being safe in every phase.

Matching EVMs and VVPAT slips

The number of candidates whose names are recorded on the Ballet unit, the names and other necessary information of each representative is given by entering and entering the entry. Since the order of the Supreme Court, the commission is already separating five machines on a particular basis, whose count of EVMs and VVPATs are matched at the end. However, this time, the opposition parties are demanding the first EVM and VVPAT match.

What is the work of supervisor ?

Counting supervisors are stationed in every parliamentary area. They directly report to the Election Commission. The counting process runs under these supervision. After every round, the supervisor raises any two machines and sees the results again. Supervisor checks every round several times, after which the EC communicates its information. After this the results are made public. In the last round of the counting, the supervisor examines three times, after which the results are declared. The whole process also sees the candidate’s representative.

Stay tuned to to see the fastest and most accurate results of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections . We will give you the latest update of all 542 seats. In addition, will also present an analysis on election results.

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