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We have different shapes and tattoos on our body in the country, abroad and in the world which gives beauty to our body parts and also fulfills a hobby so today, we will give all the detailed information about different types of mehndi design designs in this post.

Best 100+ mehndi design 2021

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What is the Meaning Of Heena Mehndi?

The name Mehndi is considered very beautiful and attractive. Not only this, but it also means very good. The meaning of the name Mehndi is “beautiful complexion”. By having the name Mehndi, your child also starts behaving like the meaning of this name. The name Mehndi is considered very good in the scriptures and it means the beautiful color is also liked by the people. As we mentioned that the meaning of Mehndi is Beautiful color and you can see the effect of this meaning in the behavior of a person named Mehndi.

Types Of Mehndi

  • Indian Mehndi design
  • Pakistani Mehndi design
  • Arabic Mehndi design
  • Indo-Arabic Mehndi design
  • Moroccan Mehndi design
  • Western/Contemporary Mehndi design
  • Indo-Western Mehndi design
  • African Mehndi design

How To Draw Mehndi design Step By Step – Freshgujarat

STEP 1:- The Hand patterns and imagery you choose reflect who you are your personality, your essence, your own unique flair. By drawing patterns on your hand, you are creating an original self-portrait that captures the essence of who you are!

Hand Design Name:- Leaf, Tattoos, Animal, flowers, paisley, tendrils, stars, vines, spirals, leaves

Mehndi Design

Now drawing a simple dot with your Heena Mehndi Coal. Then After you may make any kind of small design around it. It is actually to make the central part of a flower.

STEP 2:-

Mehndi Design
Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design

Mehndi, also known as Henna, is believed to be one of the most auspicious components at many Indian celebrations. It’s a big part of the celebration during weddings. Around two days before the wedding, the bride’s hands and feet get henna-painted! Then everyone waits with bated breath to see how black the henna paste leaves on her hands and feet. Around two days before the wedding, the bride’s hands and feet get henna-painted! Then everyone waits with bated breath to see how black the henna paste leaves on her hands and feet. The deeper the hue, the more love the groom feels for his future wife, according to ancient sayings. The same is true for the groom’s henna! It is still commonly held today. Having a gorgeous new mehndi design imprinted on your hands and feet is more than simply a typical Indian ritual. We used to wait for the holiday season as schoolgirls to rush to a mehndi artist sitting with his book full of mehndi in a local market, or call mom’s trusty mehndi artist home to drown our little hands in the beauty of henna. On occasions like Karwa Chauth and Diwali, we would gaze in wonder at our mother’s and other aunts’ lovely hands and legs at home.

However, if you are a newbie or have some experience with mehndi painting, here are 100+ Simple Mehndi patterns that you’d like!


This one has a chance to be our favorite. Brides, wedding guests, and children will all love it. Before you tackle this one, you’ll need to know how to draw outlines. Simply fill in the spaces once that’s been pinned down, and you’re done! The Flowers are an all-time favorite for everyone.

1. mehndi design 2

Choose this beautiful and highly fashionable mehndi design with a bunch of blooms in the center if you’re seeking stylish front and rear hand mehndi patterns. This bloom pattern in mehndi is a wonderful choice for any event, with a variety of flower motifs caressing your fingers and wrists with perfection.


1. mehndi design 4

If you like to keep it simple and minimal, then even this kind of minimal design looks so elegant. There is no need to add much more details to it as it is already enriched with that.

1. mehndi design 5

On your hands, choose simple themes with delicate flower and leaf designs. This front-hand basic mehndi design nicely covers your hands with simple lines and dots without adding too much extravagance or noise.
1. mehndi design 6
The more you go simple, many people will go liking it. Finger mehndi patterns are useful if you want to work on your trail design a bit more or if you want a different look.
1. mehndi design
Choose style that you like and use it as guide for your mehndi artist. 
This classic Indian mehndi pattern with paisleys, flowers, and leaves has captivated us forever
So, how about you?
1. mehndi design 1 1
One of our all-time favorite mehndi designs is this classic and simple mehndi pattern done by @himani henna.
1. mehndi design 2 1
This could be the simplest Mehndi Design. You and your family gonna love this more than other heavy designs.
The steps are also mentioned in the image so that you could copy them easily.
1. mehndi design 3

No one can match the details of this Design.

With an evergreen favorite design of mehndi artists – mandala mehndi design – go for the less is more approach. 
This basic and uncomplicated backhand mehndi design exudes simplicity and beauty like no other! 
This is also at the top of our list of favorite minimalist brides’ engagement mehndi designs.
1. mehndi design 4 1
That backhand design is the more esthetic. It talks about the forts and their royalty and represents the legacy.
1. mehndi design 5 1
Another simple foot mehndi pattern is only drawn on the sides of the feet. 
Because your hands can reach the side of the feet easier than the front, this one would be simple to sketch.
1. mehndi design 7
This is the sweetest design for a baby boy or girl. They are going to love it as it was small just like them.
What do you think? Comment down your reviews.
1. mehndi design 8
With the most popular and widely recognized designs, competent mehndi artist can enhance the attractiveness of your mehndi appearance. 
For example, with the flower mehndi design, the mehndi artist creates magnificent pattern with beautiful flower stretched out in the palm. 
When you want the finest of classic patterns but want to keep your appearance simple, this is the way to go!
1. mehndi design 9
An Arabic trail pattern that extends from one end to the other diagonally covers all hands. 
This basic one is simple enough for even beginner to make, and the thin strokes ensure it will dry quickly, allowing the youngsters to go back to their fun in no time!
1. mehndi design 10
In India, mehndi patterns for bridal hands are said to be based on ‘attention to detail.’ Traditional themes have always been and will continue to be, the foundation of exquisite Indian henna designs. Flower designs are always a necessity, and there are countless versions to attempt, whether you select an evergreen favorite pattern with vines winding around your hands and ankles or you go entirely basic.
1. mehndi design 11
This could be a good choice as well for the backhand. This design was mostly used for brides friends or cousins.
1. mehndi design 12
Jaal mehndi pattern always appears beautiful and appealing. Whether it is done with the hands or as a mehndi finger, its appeal may work wherever. The best thing is that you don’t even need to work hard, simply painting your fingertips is enough to make the rest of the design come true.
1. mehndi design 13
Why should all the fun be reserved for brides? Here’s a lovely pattern carved by Hayat’s Mehndi on the elegant hands of the bride’s sister. Your sister’s wedding day is a big day for you, so make the most of it with this delicate mehndi design.
1. mehndi design 14
In this lovely Arabic mehndi design for rear hands, little and elegant floral motifs come into action. 
The flower art design is perennial and relevant for many people due to its variety of applications. 
While it’s must-have for traditional mehndi looks, it’s also must-have for minimalistic and Arabic mehndi looks for any millennial girl.
1. mehndi design 15
This mehndi design for rear hands is embellished with jaali patterns and flower bracelets. By choosing the evergreen floral style, you can let your gorgeous flower mehndi patterns do the talking.
1. mehndi design 16
If you believe that simplicity is the new sexiness, go for a short wedding mehndi design that covers your backhand and palm until your wrist, and accessorize it with lovely floral hand accessories. The black accents, combined with elegant hand embellishments, will speak for themselves!
1. mehndi design 17
A magnificent Arabic pattern from bel-art mehndi has never been out of fashion.
1. mehndi design 18
Why simply stop with mandala when the appearance of mehndi pattern is very lovely? 
Inspire yourself with this easy mehndi design, and take the charm of mandalas into consideration.
1. mehndi design 19
So fascinating is a bharwa mehndi style with significant leaf and swirl designs in the center.
1. mehndi design 20
When this is crafted it looks like the ring of the flower attached with the bracelet of the beautiful lady.
1. mehndi design 21
It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to create, this mehndi backhand pattern is really easy. The filling is large and simple.
1. mehndi design 22
A complex, half-hearted design created on the palms of the hands with easy classic motifs is certainly enchanted!
1. mehndi design 23
This can attract you if you are a gem finder.
1. mehndi design 24
From the base, this mehndi design gives bowing effect, with complete floral model and it is carried up with medium-sized flowers!
1. mehndi design 25
A stylish and fashionable mehndi pattern for your hands. It’s artistic but spacious. And sure, also the amazing wedding nail art distracts us a little!
1. mehndi design 26
Flowers are forever loved.
1. mehndi design 27
When your Artist is so talented that he can do shades with mehndi.
1. mehndi design 28
The leaves are the design that lived all along the centuries.
1. mehndi design 29
Is your wedding design for full hands looking for classic full hand mehndi design? 
No need to look farther!

1. mehndi design 30

Everybody loves Neha Kakkar’s henna artwork for her wedding shower. 
can tell you for sure! 
Go for the gorgeous flower and fauna patterned Mehandi shawl.

1. mehndi design 31

This is the Indian Village style and it is done by herbal pure mehndi.

1. mehndi design 32

When a Child requests the mehndi and you are a pretty good designer. It will be perfect.

1. mehndi design 33

The flower beads are the simplest way for gorgeous hand output. It is as simple and much beautiful to attract everyone.

1. mehndi design 34

If you adore all things ornate, here’s your complete beauty hand! 
Let your mehndi artist create patterns including your favorite flowers onto your hand, and let the blossoming of flowers give your mehndi design the breath of fresh air for your wedding.

1. mehndi design 35

When you love simple and smooth design as well as a fancy design, this is what you are looking for.

1. mehndi design 36

The net design with small roses is a great choice for everyone out there. This is designed beautifully with a crossover of flower beads.

1. mehndi design 37

When you love sunflower so much and you want that in your mehndi too. This will fill your flowering needs.

1. mehndi design 38

Ladies, get ready to swirl with these artfully painted swirls. 
With this elegant mehndi design photo, minimalist Millenials have all they could possibly want and more! 
mehndi design boasts many patterns, swirls, leaves, and so on, on one hand, depending on how much negative space there is in the back.

1. mehndi design 39

With beautiful flower and foliage patterns, use simple themes on your hands. 
This basic mehndi pattern wonderfully fills your backhand with lovely simple lines and dots, while also avoiding the problem of making your palms seem messy.

1. mehndi design 40

Create wonderful painting of garden in bloom, including peacocks, and place it on both of your full palms. 
For whole hand mehndi design, all you need is an elegant design that incorporates nature into the pattern.

1. mehndi design 41

The flowers and the big leaf fill your big heart with joy and happiness.

1. mehndi design 42

The squirls and flowers with the best details in them make it an outstanding design.

1. mehndi design 43

These fingers look like a princess’s hand. This net design makes it an extraordinary design.

1. mehndi design 44

The simplest and the best flower is seen in my life. The freshness of nature’s beauty to your palms. Opt for this latest bridal mehndi design for your wedding day if you want to keep it contemporary.

1. mehndi design 45

The floral blocks are an outstanding choice with the beads in them.


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