[Latest News] Moghavari Bhaththa News – 1 January To 31 March 2020 .

The Rupani government has now dealt a major blow to government employees amid a loss-making economy in the Corona era. People’s jobs in the private sector are going up. Companies are cutting salaries. The government is now going on the same path [Latest News] Moghavari Bhaththa News – 1 January To 31 March 2020 .. It has been decided not to pay dearness allowance to state government employees and panchayat employees from 1 January 2020 to 31 March 2021.

Moghavari Bhaththa News

[News] 1 January To 31 March 2020 Moghavari Bhaththa News.

The government has not announced any inflation allowance this year. Inflation allowances are announced in January and July, but not this time. It is clear from this that the government has no intention of giving inflation allowance this year.

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This is the biggest blow to government employees. The decision to cut the salaries of technical and non-technical employees working on contract basis after retirement in the state government is also likely to be opposed by government employees.

In the Corona period, many people are currently looking for jobs in the private sector

While many people are currently taking jobs in the private sector in the Corona era, even the state government employees are not having a good day. As per the announcement made by the state government, it has been decided to reduce the allowance of government officers / employees in the state who have been appointed on contract basis or retired during the contract period during the contract period due to corona.

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