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Highlight New Traffic Rules in Gujarat

  • 5000 for driving any vehicle without license. Penalty of
  • 5000 on driving while talking on mobile Penalty of
  • 10 thousand for driving a drunk Will be fined
  • 5000 for driving at a speed exceeding the limit. Penalty of

[Updated] Date:-19/09/2019.

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Important announcements of Minister for Transport RC Fruit:

  • 900 PUC centers will be opened
  • There will be no penalty until October 15 if you do not wear a helmet
  • The time limit for PUCs extends to October 15th
  • The ISI marked helmet with the new Tea Wheeler will be offered in a fee
  • PUC, license and insurance extended deadline till October 15
  • Provision for non-charging of helmets in the cost of the vehicle
  • Government officials also have to abide by the rule

Indian Traffic Rules and fines 2019

After the change in the Motor Vehicle Act, there will be more punishment and penalty will also be higher for breaking various types of New Traffic Rules Gujarat. Let’s know what penalty will be imposed on you for breaking the rules while driving on the road … Aurogra pill

New Traffic Rules Gujarat
New Traffic Rules Gujarat [credit indian Express]

Traffic Rules Chart 2019 

crime First invoice or penalty  Now invoice or penalty
Normal 100 rupees 500 rupees
Violation of road regulatory rules 100 rupees 500 rupees
Disregard of authority order 500 rupees 2000 rupees
Unauthorized driving 1000 rupees Rs 5,000
Driving without a license 500 rupees Rs 5,000
Driving despite disqualification 500 rupees 10 thousand rupees
Oversize vehicle nothing 5 thousand rupees
Over speeding 400 rupees 1000 rupees
Driving dangerously 1000 rupees Up to 5 thousand rupees
drink driving 2 thousand rupees 10 thousand rupees
Racing or driving fast 500 rupees  5 thousand rupees
Drive without permit Up to 5 thousand rupees Up to 10 thousand rupees
Aggregators (violation of license condition) nothing 25 thousand rupees to 1 lakh rupees
Overloading 2 thousand rupees and 1000 rupees per ton extra 20 thousand rupees and 2 thousand rupees per ton extra
Passenger Overloading nothing 1 thousand rupees per passenger
Seat belt 100 rupees 1,000 rupees
Two-wheel overloading 100 rupees 2 thousand rupees and license canceled for three months
Not wearing a helmet 100 rupees License for Rs 1000 and three months canceled
On not giving way to emergency vehicles nothing 10 thousand rupees
On driving without insurance 1000 rupees 2 thousand rupees
Minor offense nothing The Guardian / Owner will be held guilty.
Fines up to 25 thousand rupees and up to three years in jail can be done.
Minors can be brought under the JJ Act. Vehicle registration may be canceled.
Power of officers to attach documents nothing Driving license can be revoked
On crime by officers nothing Double fine under any section

New Traffic fines 2019

  1. For breaking the New Traffic Rules Gujarat under General (Section-177) and (New Section-177-A), first Rs. Was fined, now a fine of 500 rupees will be imposed.
  2. Travel without a ticket bus (Section-178) Under the first bus Rs 200 for non-ticket running. The fine was Rs 500 now.
  3. The order of the traffic department officials concerned (Section-179) was earlier fined Rs 500, now it will cost Rs 2000.
  4. New Traffic Rules Gujarat Driving a unauthorized vehicle without a license was earlier imposed a fine of Rs 1000 under Section 180, now Rs 5000. Will take.
  5. On driving without license, a penalty of 500 rupees was imposed under section -181, now it will be 5000 rupees.
  6. The first Rs. 500 under Section 182 on driving without qualification. The fine was Rs 10 thousand.
    5000 for driving Oversize vehicle under Section 182B Will be fined. Earlier this was not the rule.
  7. 400 under the section 182 for driving at a speed exceeding the prescribed limit. The penalty used to be, now 1000 on light weight trains and Rs 2000 on medium-sized passenger trains. Will be fined.
  8. For driving dangerously, first Rs. 1000 under section 184 Was fined Rs. 5000 now. Will be fined.
    2000 under the section 185 on driving drunk. The fine was increased by five times to 10 thousand rupees. Has been done.
  9. For driving or racing at high speed, a fine of Rs 500 was imposed under Section 189, now Rs 5000. Will be fined.
  10. On overloading, under Section 194, first Rs 2000 And Rs 1000 There was a fine per tonne. It has been increased to 20 thousand and 2000 rupees. Has been made per ton.
  11. 1000 per additional passenger under Section-194A for overloading in passenger vehicles. Will be fined.
  12. Under section 194B for not installing seat belt, first Rs. 100 The penalty used to be, now Rs 1000. Will take.
  13. The first Rs. 100 under section 194C on overloading of two-wheelers. The penalty used to be increased, now it has been increased to Rs 2000. Has been done, as well as the license will be canceled for three months.
  14. There is a provision for a penalty of Rs 10,000 for the first time under Section 194E for not giving way to an emergency vehicle (eg ambulance).
  15. For driving without insurance, the first Rs. 1000 under Section-196. A fine of Rs. 2000 was now increased to Rs. Has been done.
  16. In case of hit and run, the government will pay 2 lakh. Or more will be paid by the relatives of the deceased. Till now this amount was 25 thousand.
  17. When caught talking to mobile while driving, first Rs. Penalty was used but now it has been increased to Rs 5000. Has been done.
  18. 1000 for driving a two-wheeler without helmet There is a provision of fine and forfeiture of license for three months. At present, this fine is only 100 rupees.

New Law New Traffic Rules Gujarat 2019

New Traffic Rules Gujarat A penalty of Rs 10,000 will be imposed for not giving way to emergency vehicles and driving the vehicle despite being disqualified. Aggregators who violate the driving license rules will be fined up to Rs 1 lakh. Driving at high speed will attract a fine of Rs 1,000 to 2,000. Generic Provigil

Indian Traffic Rules And fines Gujarati pdf 2019

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