The World’s Top online learning sites for students

World’s Top Free Online Educational Websites

The World’s Online Free Best Educational Website Given Full Information Available On Website 2020|| Top 10 online learning sites for students Usefull In This Post. e learning websites for computer courses, Computer Courses And Other Maths and Science Related Subject Available In Post.

Free Online Courses Websites

KHAN Acedemy :

Khan Academy is the world’s most popular website. You can easily find the topics of each type in 5 languages ​​and 10,4 different videos. You can easily learn from the basic summaries on this website, from the subtleties to the most difficult topics in science. You can also put videos you create in Khan Academy. This is a Non Profit Website.

Coursera :

This is a website thatThere are massive open online courses (MOOCs). That means you will find videos from every major university in the world. Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Business, etc. There are a total of 4 courses. Which is taken from 4 universities from 4 countries of the world. This website has 5 million people registered.


This is a massive open online course (MOOCs) jointly created by two of America’s largest universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Howard University. There are more than 3 courses offered. Available in many languages, including English, Hindi, French, Spanish. A total of 5 lakh students are registered on this website. This website was started in 1.

Udemy :

This website is a little different than another website. Expert of any subject can create its own course and put it on this website. Which are free or chargeable. If you are an expert in a subject, you too can earn money by joining it. There are a total of 5,3 courses and a total of 8 million students registered on this website. This website was started in 1.

Academic Earth:

On this website you will find video lectures from every major university in the world including UC Berkely, UCLA, MIT, Harvad, Princton, Stanford, yale, different universities of different universities like Astronomy, Chemistry, Law, Philosophy, Political Science, Can be found on such topics as Mathematics etc.

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Alison :

This is an e-learning platform. The main purpose of this website, created by Mike Farrick in 5th, is to develop elementary education and skills. This website is the most popular in India. Altogether 6 courses are available on this website.


This is a website created by two IITs and IISs of India. Funded by the Government of India. This program is named after The National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL). There are a total of 3 courses including Engineering, Science, Technology, Management, which are all free. You can also watch and download this video on YouTube.

MIT OpenCourseWare (MIT OCW):

The famous American Institute of Technology for the first time made all of its courses and materials available for free on the Internet, from which the other two universities put all their courses and materials on the Internet for inspiration. There are 3 courses available at MIT.

Online Website Provide Full Education online learning sites for students easy way to learn at home and No Cost get a degree.

online learning sites for students

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