PM Modi’s Live COVID-19 related message to the nation

Prime Minister PM Modi’s COVID-19 will address the country once again amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus virus. Will address the country at 9am. On this, he said, I will talk to the countrymen through video message.



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Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to address the nation at 8 pm today. Notably, the Prime Minister had a meeting with the Chief Ministers of each state yesterday and sought suggestions about the lockdown. So presumably, today the Prime Minister could make a big announcement about the lockdown.

PM Modi’s Live COVID-19 related message to the nation

Lockdown 4.0 Possible: Less restrictions, more relaxation

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday held a video conference with the country’s chief ministers. In it, he asked the chief ministers to state by May 15 what kind of lockdown they want in their state. The Prime Minister had a 6-hour discussion with the Chief Ministers. Recommended to increase lockdown in 7 states Maharashtra, Bihar, Punjab, Telangana, West Bengal, Himachal and Assam. While Gujarat talked of limiting lockdown to content area only.
  • “We are working on opening up the economy,” Modi said. Our biggest challenge right now is that the transition does not reach the villages. I appeal to every Chief Minister to give me an elaborate plan on how you want the lockdown period in your state. I want the state to make a blueprint that mentions every small setback during the lockdown and its gradual relief and how the state will deal with it.

Modi’s 4 messages about Corona so far

  • First, the Prime Minister addressed the nation on March 19 and called for a public curfew. On March 22, everything was closed. In the evening, people clapped and thanked the Corona Fighters from inside the house.
  • Second:  Modi addressed on March 24 and announced a nationwide lockdown from March 25 to April 14 to stop the transition to Koro. “People should stay at home and follow the Lakshman line to break the chain of corona,” he said.
  • Third : Prime Minister Modi released a video message on April 3. In the meantime, he appealed to the people to show solidarity by turning off all the lights in the house for 9 minutes on April 5 at 9 pm.
  • Fourth: Prime Minister Modi once again addressed the nation on April 14.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted on Thursday, PM Modi did the lockdown on March 24, the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of Alankorona

On Thursday, amidst the lockdown caused by the Corona virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a tweet, in which he wrote, ‘I will share a video message with the countrymen at 9 am tomorrow.’ This tweet of PM Modi came after a video conferencing meeting with all the Chief Ministers of all states on lockdown.

This video message of Prime Minister Modi will be like a message to the nation. The way people have gone ahead and followed the lockdown and in the remaining days, follow the same lockdown and do not panic, PM Modi will speak about it. However, no announcement of furthering the lockdown will be made in tomorrow’s video message. The government has no intention of furthering the lockdown.

PM Modi’s COVID-19

PM Modi's COVID-19

In this video message, PM Modi will also speak about the problems being faced by people about everyday things. At the same time, on Thursday, PM Modi asked the Chief Ministers of the states to ensure the movement of food and drink during the talks. Also instructed to follow the lockdown.

PM Modi’s Live COVID-19 will address the country again Tuesday, may make important announcement


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