Press Note Pass fail system {Students Can Now be Failed in Classes 5 and 8}

Std. Students will be disqualified from Press Note Pass fail system the exam results in grades 1 through 5, with the approval of a new state government policy and center from year 7-8. Gujarat Government stands before the Center. Demanded removal of no-detention policy from 1 to 5. The policy of non-failure in Std. The RTE Act Amendment Bill was approved in the Rajya Sabha.

Press Note Pass fail system Gujarat

Now students will take the exam in Std. Depending on the result of the exam and its quality, the student will be passed or passed. The Indian government’s bill on that has also been approved in the Rajya Sabha today Press Note Pass fail system.

can i fail in class 8 ?

According to the Right to Education Act of the Central Government, the current No Detention Policy is implemented in Std. 1 to 3.Press Note Pass fail system

In view of this introduction by the Government of India, a Bill amending the RTE Act, which was passed in the standard 1 and 2, would be passed in Parliament. It was approved on September 9.

No detention policy till class 8 debate

On this, Education Minister Bhupendrasih Chudasama said, “The Government of India is considering the introduction of the Gujarat Government. 2 and std. The RTE Act, which amended the RTE Act, was introduced in Parliament on September 1, 2009, in order to disqualify the student in the examination. It has now been approved in the Rajya Sabha.

→No pass fail till class 8 2019

The bill has now been approved in the Rajya Sabha. Thus, the Education Minister Chudasama thanked the Government of India and the Minister of Human Resource Development on behalf of the Gujarat Government for the passing of this Press Note Pass fail system bill in both the Houses of Parliament.

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