SAMARTH Online Teacher Training & Registration Guide 2019

SAMARTH 2 Online Teacher Training & Registration Guide 2019

SAMARTH 2 Online Teacher Training is online training programme for Maths science Teachers of 6 to 8 of Gujarat. This is pilot project by SSA Gujarat and IIM-A. If it will success, then applied for all teachers of Gujarat.

SAMARTH: Login Supported – Online Teacher Training Program

Helping students learn, through you

SAMARTH Online Teacher Training section is going to go online by the year 19000 teachers of the state’s online training through IIMA. IIMA is presenting a PPT guide for complete information about it. The main highlight of the PPT is as follows.

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★Latest _How Samarth :-2 Registration Download Full Guide Pdf

In this training, innovative experiments made in the classroom by the Innovative Teacher of Gujarat State have been placed in the form of study.

Standard: 6-7-8 Mathematics subjects have to take online training this year.

Training of Group – A Will start from 05/01/2018. In which 50% teachers will join and the group-B training will be held in the month of August. The remaining 50% teachers will join. These teachers will be notified by SMS / E-Mail.

Regards The complete information about how to do this is given in the PDF file put here.

Information on how to get training is also available.

School Exam Time Table

Supported SAMARATH Online Teacher Training Guide

IIMA has created a Facebook page for this training related questions. Each teacher will have to join friends.

Notice: Do not ask confusing questions in training except Facebook medium.


School Exam Time Table


School Exam Time Table

Supported Online Teacher Training – Facebook Page

I’m putting guideline for this training. Remember, your registration will not be complete until you answer the questions divided into four parts.

The teachers of Group A will complete the registration process and complete the training by July 31.

The teachers of Group-B will complete the registration process and they will start this training from August.

→SAMARTH Registration Guide :

SAMARTH is online training project. The full information about SAMARTH training and registration in Gujarati PDF is given. Download this PDF file from below link.

▶▶SAMARTH Training Guide PDF : Click here to download

▪Total Pages – 25

▪PDF Size :- 737 KB

▪PDF Creator :- IIM-A

→How to Register in SAMARTH ?

Follow below steps for register in SAMARTH. You can download above PDF file for steps in Gujarati with screenshots.

(Please Note :- Registration will starts from 05/01/2018 for first phase)

▪Step 1 : Log in to IIM-A website

samarth online teacher training
samarth online teacher training

▪Step 2 : You can find SAMARTH registration Link on Home page. Click on that.▪You have to register using Mobile number, Teacher code and password given by IIM-A in SMS or E-mail

samarth online teacher training
samarth online teacher training

▪Step 3 : Change default password with your password. Now remeber this new password.

samarth online teacher training
samarth online teacher training

Step 5 : Update your profile and then answer few questions.

sa 3

▪Step 6 : You can see introduction page in Gujarati. Read that carefully. Then go to Home page.

samarth online teacher training
samarth online teacher training

7 : You can see 1st module. Click on module and you can learn about that. Complete module with test. You can go to another module after complete 1st module.Complete all module and submit project to IIM-A for complete the training. Project details will be given in website.

SAMARTH Help Line :

If you have any questions about SAMARTH, then you can contact IIM-A from below. There is special Facebook group is generated for SAMARTH training. Join that group for more info. All links are given below.

▶SAMARTH Facebook Group : Click to Join

▶SAMARTH Inquiry E-mail: [email protected]

Notice: The excel sheet that is inserted contains all the districts of Gujarat state. You only need to enter your mobile number, password and the teacher code that starts with SA / SB.

Remember: Password – 123456 All of them are common. Which you have to change before you step. Keep the password simple and keep you in mind .

Please login to and follow step as above.

Youtube Link :-1. online Registration !!2. How To Fill Up Online Talim Question

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