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Gujarat Primary School In Recently 31-08-2019 Sthitie Shixak Mahekam Manjur Set Up Declared.Where the existing norms of Higher Elementary are in place, 1 To 5 of the existing teacher education teachers will be considered as having filled the vacancies for the lower primary section. Such teachers should be counted in the higher primary section Yes

[31-08-2019] Shixak Mahekam Manjur

According to the amendment of the Shixak Mahekam Manjur Student-Teacher, the District Panchayat Education Committees have been implemented according to the provisions of this resolution and the resolution of this resolution, in accordance with the provisions of the Student-Teacher Amendment. To make time allocation for the teacher’s district municipality against scheduled teachers The letter was obtained from the district town education committee by reference to the details of the teachers available by calculating the number of students registered as on 31st August 2019. The following are the categories of separate teacher institutes for lower primary and upper primary school

Shixak Mahekam Manjur
                      Shixak Mahekam Manjur

Terms Of Conditions School Set Up

1.The talukas of the Teacher Establishment sanctioned by each district on the date of 31 8 2019 will be sent to the Taluka Education Inspector by us….

2.Allotment of Class-I to 5-lower primary section and standard-six to eight will be allotted while approving the school-level work from the approved department.

More Rules Download School Set Up Paripatra

  • 428 Lower Primary
  • 389 Upper primary

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