SSC – HSC Exam Khand Nirixak Book 2020

For the SSC – HSC Exam Khand Nirixak Book of the Board Examination, it is of the utmost importance that the Inspector of the Division should perform his duty honestly and with integrity if the examination of the whole State can be exemplified. Neglecting inspection, negligently studying the state’s diligent study by negligence If observers are performing their duty to any type of room  becomes unjustly Vigilance quartet…

SSC – HSC Exam Important 2020

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SSC – HSC Exam Khand Nirixak Book

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It is the primary duty of the inspector of the room to pollute the environment of any malicious examination in the examination and to prevent the door and, if not, the case of recent cases in CCTV cameras. No, they are visible to the examiner answering maximum Instead of examining whether a vigilance squad has come from outside, it has been observed that theft helps in the examination, as well as the stereotyping of the students in the classroom. It is instructed to observe and perform the duties in all the examinations that are occurring Note that serious negligence and sometimes severe punishment will be imposed for the sir

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