Start Your Own Business: Read All Details

Start Your Own Business: Read All Details
This is one advice advisors love to repeat: All you need is a just a multicap scheme. In fact, they would add that a regular investor need not look beyond a multicap scheme (or diversified equity scheme, as they are sometimes called) to achieve their financial goals. What is so special about them?

To begin with, these schemes invest in  every possible  capitalisation and sectors. Simply put, this gives the fund manager the freedom to invest across largecap, midcap and smallcap stocks or any sectors where he believes the action is going to be. This means the investor need not worry about missing out on rallies in any pocket of the market. Chances are that the multicap fund may have decent exposure in it already. 

A multicap fund is meant for investors with a moderate appetite. Since the scheme also invest in mid or smallcap stocks, it is riskier than largecap schemes that invest predominantly in very large companies. However, because of the exposure to mid and smallcap stocks,  can also offer higher returns. 

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