Top 10 List of Highest Currencies in the World 2023

1.Contry:-Kuwait Currency :Kuwaiti Dinar Value of:-1 KWD

2.Contry:-Bahraini Currency :Bahraini Dinar Value of:-1 BHD

3.Contry:-Oman Currency :Omani Rial Value of:-1 OMR

4.Contry:-Syria and Iran Currency :Jordanian Dinar Value of:-1 JOD

5.Contry:-Gibraltar Currency :Gibraltar Pound Value of:-1 GIP

6.Contry:-British Currency :British Pound Value of:-1 GBP

7.Contry:-Cayman Island Currency :Cayman Island Dollar Value of:-1 GBP

8.Contry:-Switzerland and Liechtenstein Currency :Swiss Franc Value of:-1 CHF

9.Contry:-European Union countries Currency :Euro Value of:-1 EUR

10.Contry:-United States Currency :United States Dollar Value of:-1 USD