Kite festival 2024 ahmedabad ticket price 2024 Date & Location, Timings

The Ahmedabad International Kite Festival 2024 is a spectacular celebration of color, culture, and creativity that paints the sky in a multitude of shapes and colors. Welcome to this vibrant canvas. The annual event, which is being hosted by Gujarat Tourism, is set to take place for the 33rd time from January 7, 2024 to January 14, 2024, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Kite festival 2024
Kite festival 2024

Kite festival 2024 ahmedabad ticket price 2024 Date & Location, Timings.

  • Name of festival Kite Festival
  • City Ahmedabad
  • Post We Cover Kite Festival Ahmedabad Ticket Price
  • Starting date 7th January
  • Last date 14th January
  • Time of event 10 am to 5 pm
  • Year of festival 2024

Twenty-four cities, twelve Indian states, and over fifty-five countries will take part in Gujarat’s 2024 kite festival. This festival, which will include 55 international and 68 domestic players, will run for one week. This is great to see in our lives, therefore.

Kite festival 2024
Kite festival 2024

Everyone who wishes to take part in the International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad in 2024 will now need to purchase tickets online and reserve a spot. I will now give you all the information you need to know about the Kite Festival Ahmedabad Ticket Price 2024, key dates, and how to purchase tickets online with the aid of this article. Please read the article in its entirety below.

About Kite festival 2024 ahmedabad

During the Uttarayan festival, which takes place in most Gujarati cities from before dawn until long after dark, kites take to the skies. This is a phenomenon that is exclusive to Gujarat. The festival, known as Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan, commemorates the days in the Hindu calendar when winter begins to give way to summer. Almost all regular activities in the state are suspended on what is typically a beautiful, sunny day with strong winds to propel the kites skyward, as people take to the roads and rooftops to fly kites and engage in friendly competition with their neighbors.

There is fierce competition between kite-flyers of all sizes and shapes as they attempt to bring down their kites by cutting their strings. To do this, people locate their preferred kite makers, who prepare robust, strong bodies with springy bamboo frames and precisely tensioned kite paper. The kites are then fastened to a firkin (spool) of manja, a unique kite string that has been coated in a glue and glass mixture to make it as sharp as possible so that it can cut the strings of rival kites. In preparation for Uttarayan, kite production and supplies are seen being made on Ahmedabad’s streets starting in November. Patang Bazaar, a unique kite market that opens in the old city, is the hub of this activity.

On January 14, parents who typically have trouble getting their kids out of bed for school will find that their kids set the alarm for five in the morning so they can start kite flying in the perfect pre-dawn wind. Entire families congregate on the rooftop, special dishes like laddu, undhiyu, or surti jamun are made for consumption throughout the day, and friends and neighbors get together for enjoyable group kite-flying. All of this creates a wonderfully festive atmosphere. People will frequently gather on whoever among their friends has the best terrace for kite flying. Because they have all congregated on the rooftop of a common friend, this causes a lot of social gatherings that would not have happened otherwise, such as the meeting of the cousins of one person’s classmate and their brother’s friends. Uttarayan is a common way for people to mark time; “I met you three uttarayan ago, right?” is a common exchange. Nighttime sees kite fighters launch their bright white kites high into the sky, while expert flyers raise their tukkals to the sky and lower a long line of brightly lit lanterns back down to the rooftop. Throughout the day, Uttarayan offers a plethora of enjoyable activities and breathtaking views that will linger in your memory.

As part of the official celebration of Uttarayan, Ahmedabad has been hosting the International Kite Festival since 1989. Master kite makers and flyers from all over the world come to showcase their unique creations and amaze the crowds with extremely unusual kites. Master kite builders from Malaysia have brought their wau-balang kites in the past; Indonesians have brought their llayang-llayang; American innovators have brought their giant banner kites; and Japanese rokkaku fighting kites have flown among Italian sculptural kites, Chinese flying dragons, and the newest cutting-edge technological marvels. Trains of up to 500 kites on a single string, built by Ahmedabad’s master kite maker and renowned kite flyer Rasulbhai Rahimbhai, have become a popular attraction.

Ticket Prices for Ahmedabad’s Kite Festival

This international kite festival was inaugurated in Gujarat recently by the chief minister of the state. There will be both international and national kite players. Seeing a festival of this nature in India is fascinating. The entire duration of the Ahmedabad 2024 Kite Festival is approximately one week, from January 7 to January 14, 2025.

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You must purchase tickets online if you want to watch the festival and competition as well. The method will be provided below, step by step.

Location of Gujarat Kite Festival

This festival is held close to the Sabarmati Riverfront; Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, entry point is Sadan Temple.

Check Here Gujarat Tourisam Kite Festival Website :- Click Here

Uttarayan: A Unique Gujarati Tradition

The vibrant and distinct tradition of Uttarayan, the heart and soul of Gujarat, illuminates the sky with a multitude of hues. This festival turns the state into a canvas of kites from dawn until long after dark. It is held during the Hindu calendar’s transition from winter to summer, especially on Makar Sankranti. An assortment of kites in different sizes and forms fills the air.

Important Dates & Timings

Kite festival 2024 Starting date 8th January 2024
Kite festival 2024 Last date 14th January 2024
Kite festival 2024 Timings 10 AM To 5 PM


07th January 2024 :- Inauguration at Ahmedabad

08th January 2024 :- Vadodara & Ahmedabad

09th January 2024:- Kevadiya, Dwarka & Ahmedabad

10th January 2024 :- Surat, Rajkot & Ahmedabad

11th January 2024 :- Dhordo, Vadnagar & Ahmedabad

12th to 14th January 2024 :- Ahmedabad

An thrilling fusion of custom, culture, and global friendship is anticipated at Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s 2024 International Kite Festival. Both participants and onlookers will enjoy the beauty and joy of this long-standing custom as kites take to the skies, creating lifelong memories. So get ready for a week filled with celebrations and let the kites soar high in the name of harmony and joy!


Where is the main venue for the kite festival?

the international kite event takes place in Ahmedabad (kite capital of Gujarat)

What is the theme of the festival this year?

The festival is themed around the G20, symbolizing global unity and cooperation.

Can I buy kites and kite supplies at the venue?

Yes, there will be an exhibition at the riverfront showcasing the history of kite-making, and vendors will likely sell kite supplies.


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